How To Make A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod – Complete Guide


How To Make A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod – Complete Guide


Make your own split bamboo flyrod and go fishing… next month !!

Do you wish to fish with your very own hand made bamboo flyrod?

Read this book and you will be able to build yourself your very own split bamboo flyrod.


Inside this How To Make A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod – Complete Guide, you will find and learn:

1. 125 pages of step-by-step explanations on how to build your rod,
2. 117 photographs, 32 technical sketches and drawings in 12 chapters describing precisely how to :
3. Flaming, split, strip split and stagger the strips (Chapter I)
4. Give the strips a triangular section (Chapter II),
5. Construct an oven and temper the strips inside (Chapter III),
6. Build your final planing forms, adjust them to fit the chosen taper (Chapter IV), lighten (alveolate) before gluing (Chapter V),
7. Build your binding machine and cement your strips (Chapter VI)
8. Link the pieces with a splice, a spigot or a ferrule (Chapter VII),
9.Make your hand grasp, your reel seats, caps and rings (Chapter VIII),
10. Mount your guides (Chapter IX) and make your bindings (Chapter X)
11. Varnish your rod (Chapter XI)
12. Understand the rod working and compute your tapers (Chapter XI)

and so on…

The book is designed to allow you to create your flyrod in about one month, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person.

Its clear and widely illustrated form will guide you step by step in the progress of the different processes of building a flyrod.

With “How To Make A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod – Complete Guide”, you will also receive Eighteen Videos as a bonus:

Video 1 – Chapter 1-1 Flaming the culm
Video 2 – Chaper 1-2 Splitting the culm
Video 3 – Working down the diaphragms
Video 4 – Chapter 1-4-1 From the half culm to the strips
Video 5 – Chapter 1-4-2 Getting the strips
Video 6 – Chapter 1-5 Flattening and straightening the nodes. Straightening the strips
Video 7 – Chapter 2-1 Carrying out the first angle – Getting triangular strips
Video 8 – Chapter 4-1 The final planing form. Adjusting the planing form
Video 9 – Chapter 4-2-1 Cutting the strips to taper (1)
Video 10 – Cutting the strips to taper (2)
Video 11 – Chapter 5 – Digging the strips
Video 12 – Chapter 6-1 The binding machine
Video 13 – Chapter 6-2 Gluing and assembling the strips
Video 14 – Chapter 7-1 Making and cementing the reinforcements
Video 15 – Chapter 7-2 Carrying out the splicing
Video 16 – Chapter 7-3 Adjusting the splice
Video 17 – Chapter 8 Reinforcements under the hand-grasp
Video 18 – Drop varnishing

During the trickier process steps, the video will give you supplementary assistance (by showing the best methods).

Moreover you will have lifelong access to updating the book.

You will receive free of charge by email, all the new videos, without a time limit.

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How To Make A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod – Complete Guide