How To Land A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales


How To Land A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales


Introducing…  How To Land A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales

This book contains advanced job-search tips, resume examples, and expert advice from industry experts to help you get a new job in pharmaceutical sales.

This book is endorsed by, noting that it is… a road map to your new career!”

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn:

  • Learn 4 of the most strategic ways to give your resume a swift kick in the “butt”; we help you get your resume noticed by humans — and by talent management systems too!
  • Find out the bare-minimum requirements, salaries, and industry details for those in the by industry experts, such as Robin Callibott, who has recruited for the pharmaceutical sales for the past 25 years.
  • Discover what STAR interview questions you should prepare for – also we give you great strategies for answering some of the toughest interview questions with ease.
  • Learn what pharmacology tests include, along with resources you can use to identify the right pharmacology terms to learn. When asked, Corey Nahman from stated about the training: “you can expect training that is a combination of charm school and university studying.”

About The Author

Teena Rose is a career coach, book author, former columnist, and top-endorsed resume writer and job strategist. She leverages job-search collateral (i.e. resume, cover letter, executive bios), applying new social networking, personal branding, online portfolios, and technologies/tools to further benefit the careers of her clients.

She has been quoted in key publications, including the New York Post, Chicago Tribune, The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner, Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun, National Association of Notary Publics, Journal of Accountancy, The CEO Refresher, and Average Girl magazine. Other notable media/online coverage includes, WAEB B104.7,, The Kiplinger Letter, The Gladiator, The Employment News,,,, and many, many others.

Books she has written include How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book (2nd Edition), Start, Operate, Profit! The Ultimate Resource to Building a $100,000 Resume-Writing Business (3rd Edition), Writing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel (2nd Edition), and this book.

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How To Land A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales