How To Introduce Your Lover To Swinging


How To Introduce Your Lover To Swinging


Are you living a life of quiet sexual frustration…?

You dream of having threesomes, trying group sex, visiting a swingers club, watching your wife being pleasured by another man (or men), multiple men pleasuring you at the same time, attending free-for-all swingers orgies….. You’d like to be part of the swing lifestyle…

….yet mention it to your husband or wife and you hear those dreaded words,

“I’m sorry, honey, I’m just not interested.”

Or worse, you are made to feel bad about wanting to try swinging and even having fantasies at all …..

Swinging, you realize, is sadly something you will just never get to experience…..

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

The truth is there are thousands of couples across the globe having amazing sexual fun as swingers…

Men AND gorgeous women……enjoying the swing lifestyle – living their fantasies, having rollicking, uninhibited, mind-blowing, no-holds-barred sex with others….the sort of spine-tingling sexy fun that nearly everyone secretly wishes they could have…. but only a small percentage actually do.

how-to-introduce-your-partner-into-a-swinger-coverThis book is not about:

Mind control
Talking him or her into it
Or any other tricks, games or ‘hidden agendas’ that could damage your relationship

“Turn Your Partner Into A Swinger” IS about creating a whole new foundation for your relationship that will make swinging a natural – and wonderfully exciting – outcome.

And create dramatic, lasting results that will lead you both down a new path of sexual intimacy and exploration.


You’ll learn:

– How to ‘trigger’ your partner into an emotional state where they will want to share – and ACT OUT – sexual fantasies with you (page 50 )
– The three things you MUST do to set the scene for a swinging encounter (most people don’t have a clue about this….and that’s why it never happens)
– How to make swinging THEIR idea.
– Swinging Dangers: don’t fall into these traps or your swinging life will be very short.
– How to turn your partner on for swinging just by looking at them (Page 46)
– What’s going on in YOUR mind that’s literally repelling your partner from thinking about swinging (page 16)
– Once your partner has decided to swing with you, how to make it happen quickly and with the MOST enjoyment. How to find and attract that really – HOT couple (page 64)

If you’re even just SLIGHTLY CURIOUS about trying swinging and don’t know how to start, you should read this book!

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How To Introduce Your Lover To Swinging