How To Inspire Your Husband To Stop Looking At Other Women


How To Inspire Your Husband To Stop Looking At Other Women


Does your man have wandering eyes?

Have you ever heard the following sayings about committed men looking at other women?

“Just because I’m not eating doesn’t mean I can’t still look at the menu.”

“It doesn’t hurt to look as long as you don’t touch.”

“Just because I’m not buying doesn’t mean I can’t window shop.”

Whoever came up with these sayings had to be a man, because it most certainly wasn’t his wife.

When a man’s heart does not lead his eyes he sets himself up for his eyes to lead his heart.

If a man’s eyes are not being monogamous I can promise you his heart isn’t being monogamous either.

A husband staring at other women can trip the insecurity switch of his wife who already has to compare herself with the beauty standards of the world around her.

The last thing a woman wants to do is feel she’s not even measuring up to the beauty standards of HER own world (her husband).

You know what it’s like. You go out on a date with your husband and five minutes after getting to the restaurant his eyes start to wander. If he isn’t staring at the blonde with the low-cut top at the next table over he’s staring at the pretty redhead sashaying by on her way out.

You suffer silently and try to just let it go so you don’t cause a scene.

Those old feelings of not being enough start to surface.

It pains you that he doesn’t seem to look at you that way!

What’s a girl to do?

Ladies, if you want your man to only have eyes for you, learn how to INSPIRE him not just REQUIRE him. (A woman doesn’t just want her man to not look at other women when she is around him in his world. She really wants him to not look at other women BECAUSE she is in his world. What she really wants is for him to have MONOGAMOUS EYES that come from a MONOGAMOUS HEART).

Introducing… How To Inspire Your Husband To Stop Looking At Other Women


Here’s Some of what’s Included in “How To Inspire Your Husband To Stop Looking At Other Women”

  • The RAS Switch and why this is the one thing a man turns on in his head as he starts his day that makes him more likely to ogle women pg. 27
  • The Mr. Potato Head Syndrome that makes men, everywhere, chase after FANTASY and miss out on enjoying life with a REAL WOMAN in a REAL RELATIONSHIP that offers him REAL LOVE pgs. 35 & 36
  • Why “no harm in looking as long as he comes home to me” works AGAINST a woman who wants her husband to stop looking at other women pg. 13
  • Why just stopping her man from looking at other women is not the real objective a woman should have if she truly wants him to be 100% focused on her as his ONE and ONLY – pg. 49
  • Why a woman’s heart can be what leads her eyes astray but it’s often a man’s eyes that leads astray his heart – pg. 14
  • Why a woman’s weight gain is not the real reason her husband looks at other women pg. 15
  • The one thing a man craves from his wife more than SEX and how her giving him this will so fill his heart with affection for her he begins losing interest in other women pgs. 64 – 65
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Husbands Who Do Not Ogle Other Women and the AWESOME power they hold to make a man truly begin focusing on his wife pgs. 94 – 123
  • Five reasons it matters to women that their husbands look at other women pgs. 32 – 36
  • The shocking power a woman has (and doesn’t even know it) that she can use to get her husband to stop looking at other women – pg. 5
  • What a wife must get her husband to commit to if she wants to truly be his focus in life pgs. 73-76
  • The BIG reason men indulge in an increasing appetite for other women and why his wife filling up his mind is the key to him learning to turn this off pg. 36
  • Why relationship boundaries matter and are often a big reason a woman can feel so frustrated that her husband looks at other women pg. 39
  • Why changing A HUSBAND’S BEHAVIOR (making him stop looking at other women) is not as important as CHANGING HIS HEART pg. 50
  • The SEX IS ABOUT EMBRACE Principle a woman MUST inspire in her man to get him to stop looking at other women pg. 56
  • Why pornography has such a pull on men and what his wife can give him that can help release its grip on his life pgs. 90 & 91
  • If a woman can inspire THIS in her husband, he will not only control his eyes when he is around his wife, he will control them when he is away from his wife pg. 112 & 113
  • The one thing a wife can get her husband to do that will have him celebrating HER more than ever in his life pgs. 151 & 152

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How To Inspire Your Husband To Stop Looking At Other Women