How to Improve your Eyesight


How to Improve your Eyesight


If you are looking for a method of how to improve your eyesight, you may have already considered laser surgery. It is true that on the face of it, laser surgery can seem like a miracle solution to a number of eyesight problems. However laser surgery is expensive and as with all surgical procedures carries a number risks.

Why choose expensive and risky laser surgery when there are alternative risk free and inexpensive methods available. These other methods include the Bates Exercise Method which simply involves purchasing the appropriate literature to enable you to follow the exercises. There is also the Pinhole Glasses Exercise method which entails the purchase of pinhole glasses.

Research has shown that either one of these methods is an effective way of correcting vision. In fact if you use both of these methods in conjunction with one another the process is actually speeded up.

They both work on the founding principle that when eye muscles are stressed and strained this has a direct effect on the health of our eyes. This should come as no surprise to those reading this as we know for a fact that stress has a negative effect on health.

The method that you choose will probably depend on how much time you have available. The Bates Exercise Method involves at least thirty minutes of regular exercise each day. In fact a number of people who have followed the Bates Method have said that they actually began to look forward to the time of day when they carried out these exercises.

The Pinhole Glasses Exercise method is a slightly more passive exercise method, which involves wearing the pinhole glasses for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day. If you are looking for ways of how to improve your eyesight, you should certainly consider these two methods.

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