How to Improve your Eyesight Naturally


How to Improve your Eyesight Naturally


Recent years have shown a resurgence of interest in natural medicine. People are turning away from orthodox medicine as they become aware that it can often carry more risks than solutions. It is likewise for orthodox and tradition ophthalmology. It is not surprising therefore that many are relieved to find out that there are ways to improve your eyesight naturally.

One area which needs to be looked at carefully by anyone wishing to improve their eyesight in a natural and holistic manner is diet. Antioxidants are imperative for good eyesight as they wipe up the free radicals that can be a major source of damage to the eyes. So, foods rich in antioxidants such as citrus fruits, raspberries and broccoli should be eaten regularly by anyone seeking to improve their vision.

Lutein is also extremely important for good eye health. Foods that are rich in lutein include tomatoes and leafy green vegetables. Any adaption to diet to include foods which are good for your eyes should also include essential fatty acids.

As well as making changes to your diet you should also investigate eye exercises that will strengthen and relax the eye muscles. People that have followed these kinds of exercises regularly have often experienced a remarkable improvement in vision.

Of course some of us are often reluctant to undertake any kind of exercise as we say that we do not have the time or we are too tired. However there are some exercises, such as the pinhole glasses eye exercises which are extremely easy and do not entail any effort, apart from actually wearing them for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Pinhole glasses are risk free and work by eliminating the scattering of light to the retina, thus relaxing the muscles of the eyes. Pinholes glasses are in fact the perfect solution if you are looking for ways to improve your eyesight naturally.

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