How to Improve Vision


How to Improve Vision


Those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses are often concerned about the deterioration of our vision and ask the question, ‘How is possible to improve vision.’ Of course there is always the option of Laser surgery for certain eye conditions. However Laser Surgery is expensive and not within the financial means of everyone. More importantly Laser surgery is a surgical procedure and as with all surgical procedures it carries risks.

One way of improving vision is to consider carrying out an eye exercise method such as the Bates Eye Exercise Method or the Pinhole Glasses Exercise Method. Both of these eye exercise regimes have procured impressive results in the vision of those who have used them. Of course as with all kinds of exercise it is important to carry them out on a regular basis. Where these exercises are concerned you will need to carry out the exercises on a daily basis to begin with.

You can monitor your progress by using a Snellen Eye Card or by using one of the many online eye tests now available. The Pinhole Glasses eye exercise is perfect for busy people as it simply involves wearing pinhole glasses for a minimum period of fifteen minutes a day. In fact they can even be worn when carrying out leisure activities in the evening such as watching the television or reading.

The Pinhole Glasses exercise method works by eliminating the scattering of light on the retina and hence relaxes the eye muscles, which in turn leads to an improvement in your eyesight.

If you want to speed up the efficacy of the Pinhole Glasses Exercise method, then you can use it in conjunction with the Bates Exercise Method. There is no doubt that these methods are a safe and risk free way to improve vision.

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