How to Improve Baseball Hitting Power


Hitting Problems Fixed!

Learn How To Increase Your Bat-Speed, Double Your Contact, Triple Your Line-Drive Power & Eye Coordination – While Steadily Becoming The Most Confident Hitter On Your Team!

Avoid Bad Hitting Mechanics & Increase Solid Contact Percentage!

The Golden Hitter Training Series.

Get access to 5 brand new hitting and training routines that will help establish you as the GOLDEN HITTER in your line-up. You will be able to build new skill-sets as a hitter that’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Here is what you’ll learn…

#1 – The Golden Rule To Hitting!

Learn the golden rules to hitting that will serve as the basic foundations as you apply the tips and tricks in thus training series.

#2 – Inner Half – Green, Yellow, Red.

Introduce yourself to the basic foundation to correct point of contact & allowing the ball to get deep in the zone to increase reaction time…

#3 – Bow & Arrow Separation

Understand the MOST effective way to initiate proper separation and potential torque.

#4 – Object Separation.

Establish a way to measure if you’re getting the right amount of separation in each swing.

#5 – Minimizing Head Movement

Watch the last piece to the puzzle in understanding the art of slowing down the baseball and increasing the amount of time you have to make solid contact.

Hitting Machine Guide-Books

With these guide-books you’ll learn how to:

– Hit Advanced Pitching By Understanding Key Approaches At The Plate W/ A Smooth Swing
– Master Hitting The Curve-Ball By Mastering The Correct Swing Plane
– Increase Your Baseball Eye-Sight & Learn How To Slow Down The Game Like A Pro
– Mash High Velocity Fast-Balls By Making Pitches Look Slower Out Of The Pitcher’s Hand

Plus a dozen more guide-books that will take your approach to hitting to the next level!

The Art of Hitting Audio-Book

Did you know Hank Aaron attributed most of his success to visualization? Yup, that’s the mental part of the game. Listen to the Art of Hitting Audio-Book to keep your mind focused on the right things to make you a better hitter.

It’s about practicing smart, learning how to deal with failure and finding interesting ways to make hitting a fun activity again! If you’re having fun, you’ll succeed!

Baseball Draft Secrets

Wanna learn what it takes to get drafted and play pro ball? Learn directly from professional baseball scouts by hearing what they have to say. Cut the confusion and learn exactly what they look for in professional talent.

Updated interviews each month!

A.O.B Cook Book

Having a smart diet will be just another advantage over your team-mates and opponents. Eating the right foods will be a huge factor in developing into the athlete that stands out on the field.

This course will provide simple, quick and inexpensive recipes for busy parents and players away from home for the first time. I love baseball meals!

Lower Half Hitting Power

What does Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera have in common? They all have a very powerful foundation.

Learn specific lifting techniques that will double or even triple your ability to drive the ball with the kind of authority regardless of your size!

HMA Community

Join hundreds of other motivated baseball parents, players and coaches, Come share your stories and learn from other people who are trying to achieve the same thing that you are.

This is the place to ask any question related to baseball and have your biggest challenges solved. You can also use these area to upload your swing for analysis!

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How to Improve Baseball Hitting Power