How to Grow Healthy Tomatoes


How to Grow Healthy Tomatoes


Grow your best ever tomatoes, and learn how to preserve them PLUS 15 mouth-watering recipes.

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Precisely as advertised, this hugely informative book takes you through how to buy the best seedlings, nurture and protect them (using a ridiculously simple homemade organic spray), store them, eat them and preserve them. I’m passionate about real tomatoes, not the flavourless apologies found in most shops, and I read this book straight through- it is just fabulous for clarity, simplicity and natural goodness. It covers all the difficult things like pruning, pesticides and preserving in short, easy to follow sections and its simple and amazingly quick recipes made my mouth water. Thank you for this little gem.
ACM Ball, UK


Highly readable. Great pics.
Concise, informative and interesting, this book on Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Tomatoes, is perfect! Easy directions from beginning to end: choosing the BEST tomatoes for YOUR garden and YOU, growing them easily and intelligently, with easy disease/pest control. Everything that is healthy & fun about tomatoes, as well as yummy, easy recipes and fun factoids!
M Fry, Florida, USA


I am full of renewed enthusiasm for growing tomatoes and have just planted for the spring following your advice – this is a great, easy to read guide and has loads of tips for growing healthy and tasty tomatoes. I have so many books about “growing your own” but this beats them all.
K Maguire, Sydney, Australia


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How to Grow Healthy Tomatoes