How To Groom Your Dog At Home – The Ultimate Guide


How To Groom Your Dog At Home – The Ultimate Guide


Imagine if you had the knowledge to groom your dog yourself.

Just think how much money you could save (not only in groomer’s fees, but in gasoline for the car running him back and forth!) . . . how much less stressful your life would be . . . and how much less stress would be placed on your pet!

Not only that, just think how convenient it would be for you to choose the time he gets groomed – a time that fits your schedule!

Create the Ultimate Bond with Him!

He will love the attention you lovingly lavish on him when you spend the quality time to groom him at home.

If you’re like most die-hard dog lovers, you realize the importance of proper grooming. You know that grooming is more – much more – than just giving your precious friend a bath and putting a cute clip in her hair.

You’ve probably thought – like many other pet owners – that this is best left to the professionals. After all, at a minimum, proper grooming involves:

  • Nail Trimming
  • Cleaning his ears
  • Clipping his hairs
  • Complete Skin and Coat Care
  • Keeping your dog’s eyes clean
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth
  • Combating “doggy smell”

Don’t listen to those who say that the only method to getting a professional grooming for your beloved pet is to take him into a strange environment, with perfect strangers performing what should be the most loving…. of all activities on him.

In fact, now the ability to groom him and to take control of the most important aspect of his life – his health – is only a mouse click away!

Introducing… “How To Groom Your Dog At Home – The Ultimate Guide”


It not only contains tips and secrets that will make the experience of grooming him pleasurable and hassle-free, it puts together a plethora of grooming information on different breeds.

With “How To Groom Your Dog At Home – The Ultimate Guide” in your hands, you can become a pro yourself. No more trips to the expensive salons, spas or even contacting a professional groomer every month.

This handy E-Book package is a treasure-trove of valuable information for all dog owners who wants their pets to stay healthy and feel healthy.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a “cumbersome” large breed like a St. Bernard or a Great Dane . . . or a tiny Chihuahua . . .

You can now learn the ultimate secrets of the professional groomers and provide your cherished family member with outstanding grooming – all on your own.

That’s right! Inside the pages of this ebook are images of every single tool you need for grooming your pet at home

– Brush
– Comb
– Scissors
– Nail Clippers

….and more

Not only that, but this book is so detailed . . . so exact . . . that it provides you with exactly the right tool for specific breed.

Here is just a small sampling of what you’ll learn once you buy this thoroughly researched book:

  • How often to trim his nails…. Page 31
  • How to take his fear out of the nail trimming process… Page 31
  • What to do if you accidentally trim too much and he begins to bleed… Page 32
  • An amazingly simple way to keep his teeth clean and healthy… Page 29
  • The easiest way to handle him during the teeth brushing process…. Page 30
  • Plucking his ears with a minimum of discomfort… Page 26
  • What technique to use if he is prone to ear infection… Page 27
  • Learn the three simple steps to easily cleaning his face… Page 29
  • Discover the most efficient “tool” you can use to clean his face. You probably already have it in your bathroom right now!… Page 29
  • What to use to remove tear stains from under his eyes… Page 27
  • When to use eye drops on him – and why!… Page 28
  • Learn why certain tools can damage his skin… Page 23
  • Discover what skin problems that may be aggravated during the grooming process – and how to ensure he stays clear of these!… Page 22

It’s all right here and available to you through this amazing internet offer. Remember, you won’t find these secrets of professional groomers – all neatly and concisely outlined in one book – anywhere else.

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How To Groom Your Dog At Home – The Ultimate Guide