How To Give Pills To Your Dog


How To Give Pills To Your Dog



How To Give Pills To Dogs

Part of my Lhasa Apso dog Chester’s initial treatment for EPI or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency includes antibiotics in the form of pills. Both Chester and his sister Roxie have been taking their heartworm prevention medication in the past several years once a month for six months of the year. At first, I tried to give them the tablets as treats since the manufacturer claims that they are good tasting but both Chester and Roxie did not find a liking to them.

I tried to cover each tablet with peanut butter or jam which sometimes works for many dogs but my dogs got sneaky and just licked the good stuff off while leaving the rest of the tablets on the floor!

So with the heartworm prevention tablets (we take Sentinel), I must crush each tablet or use scissors to finely cut each one down and sprinkle the results in with their food. This has worked quite well but I do have to make sure that each of them finish up everything in their bowls to ensure all of the medication was taken.

An Easy Way To Give Pills To Dogs

With Chester’s antibiotics, one was in the form of tablets while the other came as capsules. I could easily do the same with these tablets much like the Sentinel. I could also open up each capsule and sprinkle the contents into Chester’s food.

But this time I decided to do something less labourous. Instead of crushing up tablets and opening up capsules, I used a bit cheese, just some ordinary slices, and rolled it around each pill until the whole thing became a cheeseball.

I made sure each cheeseball covered up each pill completely and then gave the entire thing to Chester who swallowed it quite fast. The new video below shows this quite well.

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