How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More – Lick By Lick




How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More – Lick By Lick


Unusual techniques that give any woman multiple spine-tingling, electrifying, scream-your-name orgasms.

Women said that nothing came even close to the pleasures they got from being “eaten out” (if done the right way). They also said their most POWERFUL and EARTH-SHAKING orgasms were as a result of a man going down on her.

Don’t so macho like most men and go through years of giving mediocre head because you think you know more than you do. Sure, you can spending years “practicing” to try to learn how to give fantastic oral pleasure but it is much easier to learn from the shared tips and ideas of others.

Look at these hard facts:

  • 81% of women reach orgasm from receiving oral sex*
  • 88% of married women prefer cunnilingus as their preferred sex act*
  • the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings ready for pleasure (twice the amount of the penis)*

That’s right, ‘going down’ on women is the number #1 way to make her come.

However, the problem is…

Most men think any lick will do …WRONG!!

You’re not licking an ice cream cone here! This is a complex and delicate operation.

With 8,000 nerve endings, you better know what you’re doing or you could put her off getting oral sex all together, ruining your chance to prove that you can make her quiver with pleasure.

For example:

  • Do you know the 8 components of a woman’s ‘down stairs’ and how to stimulate each one?
  • Do you know in what order and how long you should lick and caress each one?
  • And by using these combinations, do you know how to give women two different types of orgasms at the same time? (Yes, it’s possible!)

Let’s face it, while it just seems like it’s all about licking, there’s actually much more to it. You need to lick the right places, in the right order, for the right amount of time! And now you can learn all these secrets!…

Introducing… Lick By Lick – How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More

Frankly, whether you’re a seasoned lover, rookie or a virgin it doesn’t matter, you’ll find this information valuable to help make this an experience she’ll remember forever.

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn Inside Lick By Lick – How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More…

In Lick By Lick – How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More, you’ll learn…

  • How to break through her self-conscious barrier about cunnilingus and build trust to the point she’s excited and looking forward to it! Warning: Most experts preach this wrong, and if you don’t learn to do it right, she may never let you please her this way…Hint: it’s not a shower, although this is good too! (Page 9)Cunnilingus tips
  • How to encourage her to shower before cunnilingus WITHOUT offending her… gain peace of mind that she’ll smell beautiful down there (page 11)
  • 10 little known tongue techniques to help her reach climax… don’t be surprised if she screams out your name in ecstasy after using these (pages 51 – 58)
  • The one thing you should prepare long BEFORE cunnilingus… forget this and you may impede the orgasm and make your entire effort a waste! (page 32)
  • A BIG mistake guys make near climax that often leaves women disappointed and frustrated… Hint: it’s got nothing to do with rhythm, slowing down or even changing what you’re doing! (page 24)
  • Did you know that women can actually experience different types of orgasms? And they can actually have two orgasms at once? It’s true. On page 62 you’ll learn exactly what to do to make this a possibility and increase the chances of achieving two orgasms at THE SAME TIME!
  • The one thing you must NEVER do while performing cunnilingus… make this mistake and things could turn out very bad. It’s actually very dangerous and most men (and women) don’t know about it (page 49)
  • Why clitoral stimulation is actually PAINFUL for some women and the “secret” area that she’ll probably enjoy having caressed instead… And no it’s not the G-spot or the opening! (page 22)
  • Just lick the clitoris right? No! Here’s the step-by-step guide on the 4Cunnilingus tips things you should stimulate on her genitals first (page 45 – 49)
  • How to convince her to shave or wax her pubic hair and 9 tips to perform the shave properly… enjoy silky-smooth skin as you please your woman (page 27, 29)
  • Your lady doesn’t want to shave? Page 29 reveals how to make her pubic hair softer, which means no more red, raw and painful rashes!
  • Women usually don’t feel like sexual activity when they’re stressed. Pages 38 reveals a great way to relax your lady that’s even better than a hot bath or back massage and requires no preparation at all
  • The complete guide on how to stay safe against sexually-transmitted disease (pages 15 – 19)
  • The 3 forgotten female hot-spots that help maximize her experience and increase the chances of an orgasm (pages 41 – 44)
  • The area of the vagina that many women DON’T want licked… lick here and chances are she won’t want you to perform cunnilingus for a long time (page 25)
  • 5 ways to almost INSTANTLY get her in the mood… enjoy cunnilingus and sex moreCunnilingus tips often with this little secret (pages 35-37)
  • What eating dinner at a restaurant has to do with improving your lady’s chances of reaching an orgasm. Hint: it has nothing to do with ‘romance’ or dining a woman. (page 57)
  • How to recognize and navigate the 8 components of the female genitalia with your tongue so you lick and caress the right places at the right time, giving her a more powerful and intense experience (page 20)
  • 6 tips to include your finger in the pleasure process and help her achieve an even more powerful orgasm. However, do this wrong and you may actually lower the enjoyment (page 60)
  • The complete guide on using toys with cunnilingus… add new sensations to the mix (pages 64 – 67)
  • 10 positions to perform cunnilingus in… spice things up with these Cunnilingus tips different angles, sensations and experiences (pages 68 – 76)
  • How to still enjoy safe cunnilingus even if your partner has a virus or STD (page 19)
  • The 8 specific questions you must ask to find out exactly what she likes to, give her the best experience possible… most guys ask the wrong questions like, “do you like that?” (page 14)
  • The one thing you must ask your partner before she decides to get a wax… don’t do this and she could be in a lot of pain for a long time! Hint: It’s got nothing to do with the pain of waxing itself (page 30)
  • And much much more…

Most women don’t orgasm from sex, this is your chance to finally give her the pleasure she’s always wanted, the way women were meant to experience it.


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Lick By Lick – How To Give Oral Sex And Have Her Begging For More