How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide


How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide


Talking to a lot of talented illustrators who are not seeing the success they deserve is very often heartbreaking.

It’s particularly tough seeing that the demand for (particularly digital) visual communication is growing, and there truly is a lot of potential out there.

You only need to do a Google search to see that this is a reality, especially with the huge growth of the Internet.

“…the need for illustration is growing. Newspapers such as the Guardian and the Observer, meanwhile, are expanding into the internet’s broad open spaces – spaces with plenty of room for illustration.” – Chris Riddell, 2012

“The future of art and design looks very promising, and very different.” – Darian Glover, 2013

“Vidyo Raises $20 Million to Address the Growth in Visual Communications as New “Internet of Things” Applications and Devices Emerge.” – Yahoo Finance, July 2014

It might feel like opportunities are decreasing for some of you. The industry is also filling up fast with thousands of other illustrators producing outstanding work.

It can feel really overwhelming.

So, what can you do as an illustrator to get noticed, and earn a solid income from ideal clients?

Introducing… How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide


You receive a 100-page book, as well as a special full length audio of the book, with extra commentary from the author not found in the ebook, and more resources.

So, how can it help you specifically?

• The How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide is your solution to the confusion you have about getting great clients consistently
• This is a unique step-by-step blueprint to winning quality, paying customers each month
• Whereas other courses are salesy and manipulative, we cut the crap and keep things direct, honest and much more effective
• This guide focuses on simplicity, making the process of landing dream clients extremely straight-forward
• At the end of the guide, you will be in total control, and able to actually choose the clients you want and turn away those you don’t
• This book is tailored specifically for illustrators, so you don’t have to worry that certain ‘methods’ don’t apply to you
• The Massive Power of a ‘Value Network’
• One of the things covered in the course is building a ‘Value Network’. This is your close network of people that are in some way valuable to your business, and life, including prospects.
• Most people do not address this absolutely fundamental piece of their biz.
• Most people spend too much time promoting themselves on social media while totally neglecting to nurture a limited list of key people.
• Having huge lists of people that you could be working with often leads to taking no action at all. This book focuses on limitation to generate focus and more internal energy.
• The value network build in the course is limited to 150 people only, and this makes a massive difference.
• It is the most fundamental part of not only bringing in customers, but in having a successful life in general.
• The book explains exactly how to set this up, how to communicate with people in your network over time so that you begin bringing jobs and big opportunities into your life, and how to not let this overwhelm you.

What Exactly Will You Receive from Buying the Course?

• Total clarity on what you need to do to start generating customers quickly and efficiently
• Knowing how to create a network of valuable people so that you win in the long term
• Knowing how to generate large amounts of attention to your creatives in time-efficient ways
• How to create an action plan so that you start generating results, rather than just reading about them
• Knowing where to find illustration clients that are right for you
• A full 100 page course ebook; a resources booklet; spreadsheet templates
• Full audio by the author, including extra commentary

Who Exactly is this book for?

Freelance Illustrators – You work for yourself, perhaps on the side, and win some customers work here and there. Anyone with a decent to great portfolio that needs better exposure and more customers than just a handful are perfectly suited to the course.

Creative Freelancers – People other than illustrators, like graphic designers, writers and fine artists who are looking for customers, or to be commissioned for work, will also benefit hugely from this, even though some of the examples are more tailored to illustrators.

Coaches and Consultants – If you run a biz providing, coaching, consulting or services of any kind, this course will really help you take your customers attraction to the next level and help your own clients.

Who Will NOT Benefit from the Course?

Those without a developed skill/service and portfolio – The How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide is for illustrators who have already developed their skills, and have at least an ok portfolio of work that would interest prospects. It will benefit those aspiring illustrators who still have work to do down the line, but be aware that good customers are attracted to developed portfolios. Additionally, The focus of this book is on helping you get customers, and as such, is less suited to illustrators who strictly want to sell products, though it will help.

People Who Don’t Believe in Their Service – In order for you to see positive improvements in your biz, you must have a certain level of confidence in your work, and do the action-steps inside the How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide. This takes a certain amount of dedication to your craft, and those who don’t take consistent action, will not benefit from the course.

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How To Get Illustration Clients: Art and Design Business Guide