How to Get an Administrative Assistant Job Book


How to Get an Administrative Assistant Job Book


Martha Gillmore was a human resource manager in a multi-national company and has an experience of screening resumes of at least 50,000+ candidates. She has interviewed at least 5,000 of them. She has been in many interview committees. She has written this digital book “How to Get an Administrative Assistant Job” to help you get that work.


Do you really need that work? Make sure that you are ready for it. Make sure you know how to create a resume and cover letter for the same. Also learn how to go through the interview process, so that you can win it.

In this book, Martha will be explaining how to write your resume and cover letters. She will explain how to prepare for your interview. She will be giving you tips and tricks on the things you should absolutely avoid in your resume or in the interview.

Here are some of the key areas covered in the ebook:

  • How to apply.
  • How to create a winning resume for the same.
  • How to create a great cover letter to accompany your resume.
  • Samples of admin assistant resumes, cover letters, acceptance letters and letter of recommendations.
  • Frequently asked interview questions for an administrative assistant interview.
  • Tips and tricks to stand out in the crowd.
  • And much more…

Martha has written this ebook because 70% of the people who send their resume do not know what should go into it and what should not be there.

Also, among the thousands of people she has interviewed, many do not know how to answer those typical interview questions. She has even rejected many talented people, just because they did not prepare for the interview well.

So, if you are really serious about your dream job and want to get it, just grab this ebook and find out the secrets of what the resume screeners and interviewers, like her, are looking for in a candidate.


Now you’re probably thinking, alright all this is good and fine but won’t I have to spend hundreds of dollars to get such a ebook?

Wrong! This book is an investment which you must make on yourself. The benefits would be one thousand folds!

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How to Get an Administrative Assistant Job Book