How to Eat Like a Real Man


How to Eat Like a Real Man

Wouldn’t it be great to follow a diet that was aimed at men, and men only? Wouldn’t it be awesome to follow a diet specifically for bodybuilders and sportsmen that made you feel good, look good and get good things?

You know, what our society calls The Good Life… But even more than that, imagine living life as a WARRIOR who has the power and courage to be good and do good so that your life matters in history. Isn’t that what every man desires deep down?

You’re not an accident so don’t live your life like it’s an accident. Want to know your MISSION in life? It’s to positively influence people who don’t have influence! And to be able to influence, you need to look your best and feel your best so people view your life as a trade-up!

When people look at YOU, do they consider your life a “trade-up” or a “trade-down”? That’s a powerful question my father begged of me…

Regardless, of your answer, it’s never too late to TURNAROUND and I believe this all starts with how you eat (and train and think). Once you make a few changes with your diet and training, as Chad Howse will teach you in his epic guide, The Man Diet, you’ll experience huge effects on your training, fat loss, muscle building, energy levels, looks, confidence and bedroom skills.

Incorporating the eating strategies in The Man Diet could be the one thing you do this year that makes the biggest effect on your life.

The Man Diet is revolved around not only maximizing your body’s ability to boost testosterone but to uptake the testosterone you currently have. That’s the key.

If you want to burn fat faster, you need optimal test levels.

If you want to build muscle quickly, you need optimal test levels.

If you want to kick some tail, get shit down and make a name for yourself, your test levels better be surging through your veins!

You see: Testosterone is an essential part of EVERY area of success in your life. It impacts EVERYTHING.

And The Man Diet has everything to do with testoterone, plain and simple. Sure, you can research this topic until you’re blue in the face but the reason I’m recommending this e-system to you today is because Chad has already spent dozens of dedicated hours researching this topic and you can have it nicely organized and served to you on a silver platter in a matter of minutes.

I think you’ll enjoy it, a lot. It delivers on exactly what it promises and then some. I will say, the only thing in the program I’m not a huge fan of is the intermittent fasting strategies but other than that, it’s bang on.

What I REALLY loved was the customized eating schedules based on what time you train — this was worth the small price of the program alone.

WARNING: If you’re not into eating “man food” (i.e. red meat) to maximally experience the benefits of dropping off excess fat, maxing your strength, gaining lean muscle, ramping up your mood to unbreakable levels and enjoying a healthy sex drive, then this is not for you.

I actually consulted with Chad when he designed the system and made sure that it was not missing anything essential. He did a great job eliminating all the BS. You’ll learn everything you need in order to eat in a fashion that makes you tick loud and strong… and so that others around you take notice.

The results from The Man Diet will not only help you look good, feel good and get good things but it’ll inspire you to BE good and DO good — they keys to being remembered in history and leaving a positive legacy! This is what matters.

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