How to Develop Explosive Game Speed


How to Develop Explosive Game Speed


Many athletes think that you are born with speed or that it is genetic.

That is 100% false.

Anyone can increase their speed and quickness and become explosive with the correct training and instruction.

However, not all speed is the same.

For athletes it is all about “game speed”. You need the ability to react, to move quickly from side to side and to be able to accelerate quickly.

To develop “game speed” (not track speed) you must be training the correct way.

And the Explosive Speed Training Program shows you exactly how to do just that.

This course is 100% geared towards increasing your “game speed”.

The program is broken down into 5 different areas of instruction:

1. Acceleration Profile – teaches you the correct form for lightning fast acceleration
2. Sprinting Mechanics – teaches you the correct mechanics of rapid acceleration
3. Speed Drills – these drills will focus on increasing your acceleration in a way that will translate to your sport.
4. Plyometric Exercises – the most effective plyometric exercises for increasing speed, acceleration, and reaction.
5. Strength Training – strength training exercises that focus on the most important muscles when it comes to speed and acceleration.

As you can see, it leaves no stone unturned.

It is the most complete speed training program I have seen for increasing “game speed”.

Stop wasting your training time and start training correctly today.

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