How To Design, Install and Build an Automatic Lawn Sprinklers


build-your-own-lawn-sprinkler-headerHow To Design, Install and Build an Automatic Lawn Sprinklers


Introducing… How To Design, Install and Build an Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

Now you can create your own without the headache or hassles of dealing with contractors. You shouldn’t have to hire someone to do this anyway. The process of creating and maintaining this is simple with the right information. And that is exactly what this book is; the right information.

You see, this is a guide tailored for the everyday, average homeowner. Sure, you can surf around the Internet for hours trying to compile miscellaneous notes and find a bunch of garbage that is not easy to understand, or you can get everything you are looking for right here, right now in one convenient package.

Thousands of people have followed these steps and easily installed their own system!

And You Can Do The Same Today!

Do You Want To Have…

  • A healthy and beautiful lush green lawn or garden?
  • Your water bill to be cut in half? Money in your pocket since just the right amount of water will be applied day and night automatically?
  • Freedom to use and enjoy your lawn instead of maintaining it all of the time?
  • Much healthier trees, shrubs and grass?
  • Your property value increase 3% or more?
  • Sprinklers that are out of sight when not in use?
  • The ability to do what you like, whenever you want, without having to worry about a water schedule? Imagine what having this system will do for you… YOU WILL HAVE MORE TIME TO SPEND WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS!
  • Personal satisfaction of a professionally designed system that you installed yourself?

If so… This Will Be the Most Important Information You Will EVER Read!


Here Is a Sampling of What You Will Get:

Part 1 – Designing and Planning:

  • Explanation of the ease of installing the system in 6 days or less.
  • Why using this one brand of system will save you tons of money and time.
  • Discover the “make or break” secret that could cost you hundreds each month on your water bill, if done incorrectly.

Part 2 – Installation:

  • The 16 no-hassle steps to cut your installation time in half.
  • Special points on how to avoid common installation mistakes.
  • How to test and finalize the installation in less than 15 minutes.

Part 3 – Watering Schedule & Support:

  • How to set a watering schedule to maximize the efficiency of your new system.
  • Ways to overcome common over or under watering problems.
  • List of recommended, easy to locate irrigation parts.
  • Plus, much more!

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How To Design, Install and Build an Automatic Lawn Sprinklers