How to Design and Build a Tiny House


How to Design and Build a Tiny House


Build a Tiny House You Can Afford And Be Proud Of.


This workshop covers:

The step by step design process
Plans for the tiny house
Alternative designs and materials
Get through building sticking points
Where to get inspiration
Translate your paper drawings to Google SketchUp
Create your shopping list and cut costs
How to work with a trailer
The one step you can’t complete alone and how to do the rest
Plenty of mistakes to avoid
Even electrical and plumbing is covered
Where to go for help

Here’s what are included in the final workshop:

Almost 2 ½ hours of video in 19 topical segments
The best 300+ pictures with narrated explanations
Building supplies list with Lowe’s item numbers and prices
A 25 page manual on how to design each part of your tiny house
A Google SketchUp file of the framing plan
A Google SketchUp of different ways to mount different trailers
Google SketchUps of different ways to design doors, lofts and levels
Google SketchUps of 16’ and 20’ trailers
Pictures of each framing angle separately
Various diagrams, drawings and floor plans
Links to other essential and recommended resources

That’s 19 videos, 7 SketchUp files, 4 pdfs (one with 351 pictures), 1 spreadsheet and 34 other pictures.

These are the topics covered on the videos:

Trailer and supplies
Wall framing
Roof framing
Roof completion
Trim and insulation
Electrical system
Front door and moving
Flooring and walls
Sink and toilet
Finish interior
Storm door and porch
Finished tiny house

Better than a workshop

All the other workshops out there are at least $200 per day plus travel expenses. Some people charge the same price for workshops whether you’re there in person or get the DVDs.

At any other workshop you’re not going to be getting hundreds of pictures to take home and review at each stage. You’re also not going to get Google SketchUps files (and learn to make your own).

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