How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling




How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling


You Will Be Thrilled With The Look Of Pure Awe And Amazement On Your Child’s Face When He Sees What You Have Done…

Your Child Could Be “Sleeping Under the Stars” Tonight When You Learn How to Create Your Own Stunning Cosmic Star Ceiling in a Single Morning or Afternoon! You’ll Love the Results or You Pay Nothing!


You drop your child off at school one morning and then hurry back home. You then set about creating an amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling in his bedroom using the simple instructions that I have for you.

It takes you a couple of hours or so and then you leave the room looking exactly like it did before you started. There is no evidence anywhere (even on the ceiling) of the fantastic surprise that awaits your child when he goes to bed that night!

Come bedtime, you close the curtains and switch on the light as he is cleaning his teeth. You tuck him up in bed and read a story. You kiss him goodnight and then as you gently push the door closed you switch off the light. You then hear him say: “Ooh WOW!” as he stares up in pure amazement at the Cosmic Star Ceiling that you created for him earlier in the day.

What appeared to be his normal ceiling has now transformed into the amazing Star Ceiling as soon as you switched off the light.

He can now see stars, planets, the Milky Way, shooting stars, constellations…………..and more.

It holds his attention for what seems like ages as he reaches up to try and touch the stars gently twinkling above and as his eyes become accustomed to the dark he begins to pick out more stars that seem even farther away.

He is absolutely transfixed and can’t believe how talented you are.

You can actually make this a reality. Learn how to easily create a magical Cosmic Star Ceiling and surprise your child with your amazing new skill.

Introducing… How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling

What is a Cosmic Star Ceiling?

It is created using some simple pieces of equipment and special glow paint. It is one of the most unusual and unique gifts that you can give your child and the best part about it is that it is created by you personally. You will soon learn how to create realistic looking stars, the Milky Way, planets and shooting stars. As a personal touch why not include your child’s birth constellation too?

They are really easy to do once you have been given the methods and techniques. If you can climb up two or three steps of a stepladder or stand on a platform and touch the ceiling you can easily create a fantastic star ceiling in a morning or afternoon ready to surprise your child that night.

You simply prepare the room, follow my instructions and you’re done!

Don’t confuse this with those tacky stick on glow-in-the-dark stars that you can buy that soon lose their glow. It will glow gently for hours. Your child will have probably dropped off to sleep within half an hour or so but if they happen to wake up in the night their star ceiling will still be visible and will help them gently drift off to sleep again.

It will also last for 20 years or more if left untouched so it’s great value for money. However, should you need to paint over it for any reason then 2 or 3 coats of ordinary emulsion/latex paint will return the ceiling to its original state.

You will be amazed at the effects you can easily create that will result in a jaw-dropping experience for your child.

What is special about it?

The amazing thing about it is that during the day it is invisible!


It will not impact on your existing decor in any way. The ceiling will look exactly the same as it did before you applied the magic effects to it! It gives you the opportunity to create a true surprise for your child.

But at night as soon as the curtains are closed and the light is switched off the ceiling comes to life and you can see all the Cosmic effects. Then, when you switch on the light or it becomes daylight again it magically disappears.

The effect is so relaxing. It’s as if the roof has been removed from your home and you are staring up at a beautiful night-time sky – your own personal Cosmos.

Children are totally fascinated by them. They can help kids who are afraid of the dark actually go to sleep with their light off as they act like a night light. They are also of great benefit to children with autism/asperger syndrome as they are attracted to the colors and effects and it gives them something to focus on.

What will you learn in “How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling”?

  • What items you need (you will already have some now at home)
  • Where to get the few remaining items (readily available locally, online or from me)
  • How to set up the room prior to starting
  • Where to begin and in what order
  • How to achieve the amazing effects
  • What not to do (very important)

Everything is contained within this step-by-step guide that will enable you to create a Cosmic masterpiece that will truly amaze your child.

It is written in plain and easy to understand steps that can teach anyone how to create a fantastic Cosmic Star Ceiling even if they have no artistic ability whatsoever or have never picked up a paintbrush in their life before.

What’s more you will have great fun doing it too.

How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling will take you from start to finish by walking you through the planning, preparing, designing and then painting of your own star ceiling in just hours – not days.

Your finished star ceiling is guaranteed to look absolutely stunning – even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush.

You’ll be looking forward all day to watching your child’s face light up at bedtime when he or she sees the sky come to life above their bed thanks to this new guide “How to Create Your Own Amazing Star Ceiling”.

What Will My Star Ceiling Look Like?

Here’s an example of a Cosmic Star Ceiling featured on the BBC this year:

As you’ll see from the video, you can not only create a breathtakingly beautiful design, but you can also customize it to include special stellar educational features like your child’s birth constellation and the Milky Way galaxy.

It can be as unique and detailed as you want.

CLICK on the link below for more details.


How to Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling