How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide


How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide


Due to the economic crisis in the USA and around the world, it’s not only houses that are being repossessed in record numbers; it’s also CARS, TRUCKS, SUV’s, MOTORCYCLES, BOATS, & MOTOR HOMES.

Banks, finance companies, bailiffs, and repo companies are all overstocked with record numbers of stock, more than they have ever had before!

They have to get rid of them to recover some of their losses.

Their ONLY GUARANTEE of actually selling them is at auctions where everything sells to the highest bidder, even if that is only pennies on the dollar.

Automobile dealerships are hurting like never before.

It has become very difficult for the average person to get an automobile loan today.

Without any sales, dealers are forced to dump some of their stock in auctions. They know it is the only place where they are GUARANTEED A SALE!

They know they will get nowhere near their asking price at an auction, but they have no choice. Many of them are near bankruptcy themselves. They are desperate. They have to sell something every month, even if it means an auction.

Imagine buying a new car, truck, van, sports car, or any other type of automobile you want and saving yourself thousands of dollars.

Wonder how this is possible?

Well, there is a secret that only a small but select group of ‘insiders’ know. They buy cars for dimes on the dollar, often saving themselves thousands of dollars.

For example when you trade in a vehicle, your new automobile dealer places the automobile up for auction, rather than hold onto an automobile they don’t want.

And when your local used automobile dealer picks up that automobile at auction, he marks it up, and then sells it for a hefty profit.

Now — you can cut out the middleman, pick up any vehilce for a ‘steal’, saving yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

So what does all this mean?

It means that never before in history has there been a better time to buy an automobile at an auction. Never before has there been as much inventory as right now. And, most importantly, never before has there been so little competition at auctions. With financing becoming increasingly difficult and bank accounts almost empty, most people can’t afford to buy anything, let alone a nice automobile.

Introducing… How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide


What if I don’t have much money?

You don’t need much money! Remember most people are broke right now, so they don’t have any money to bid against you at the auction. You probably have more money than you need to buy that nice automobile, because they are selling so cheap right now.

Auctions make me nervous, even a bit scared.

That ‘s right. They can be a scary place, if you don’t know what you are doing. After reading this book, you will have nothing to fear or be nervous about. You will experience a new level of fun when you realize what a great deal you just got on your next vehicle.

You can have half a lifetime of auction experience at your fingertips. You will learn the tricks of the trade that most people don’t know. You will learn how to notice the difference between a great deal and a bad deal, when at first glance they look the same.

With “How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide” you will reduce your risks and eliminate the danger of making hasty decisions in the heat of the auction, all while finding out how to grab automobiles that you want for potentially thousands in savings!

Here’s a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover in “How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide”:

  • Regulations And Fees – Discover the key Regulations and Fees and find out why EXACTLY you want to check the tax laws of an area auction before bidding (hint – this could save you hundreds of dollars).
  • The Auction Process – Get the step by step Auction Day Protocol… from Registering to Bidding Techniques all the way through Payment and Possession. You’ll understand exactly how these work inside and out!
  • Internet Bidding – Find out how to bid over the internet and by proxy so that you don’t even have to travel to the auctions to get the automobiles you want (this alone could save you thousands of dollars!)
  • Condition And Value – Uncover the secret techniques for quickly and easily determining a vehicle’s true value before you ever even think about placing a bid on it!
  • The Competition Crush – Discover tricks for finding out who your competition is early on, and learn the tactics they might try in order to prevent you from bidding on the same vehicle as them!
  • Secret Bidding Techniques – Uncover the auctioneers’ ploy for grabbing big bucks off the bat and learn special bidding techniques that ensure the best possible outcome of any automobile you buy!
  • Choice And Privilege – Discover just what this term means and why it is crucial you have done your homework if you come up against this scenario!
  • Service History Factor – Find out why a vehicle with a full service history can bring significantly more profit if you intend to resell it.
  • Accident Disclosure – Uncover the things you need to be on the lookout for to make sure that you are not bidding on a vehicle that has been in an accident, and find out the resources that can confirm with great certainty whether a vehicle is accident free!
  • Reselling For Profit – Find out how to flip the¬†automobiles you buy for hefty cash profit, even in States that require a dealers license and you don’t have one!
  • And so much more!

“How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide” is your complete step by step guide to finding and buying great automobiles at vehicle auctions — often saving you thousands!

Junkers? No WAY. Not by a long shot.

Not every vehicle is going to be pristine, but we’re talking about late models, trucks, vans, classics, collectors, sports vehicles, hybrids, SUV’s — you name it!

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How to Buy Cars at Auctions Guide