How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing Pigeons


Introducing… “How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing Pigeons”


Here’s a brief summary of what’s covered in your book:

– The common, elbow bruising mistake beginners make when building their lofts – you’ll discover how to simply avoid this painful blunderracing pigeons in nest boxes
– Why a bright colored loft will cause more trouble than it’s worth and not be of benefit to your pigeons
– The two most important factors to bear in mind when planning your loft – and most new fanciers get these wrong to the detriment of their birds
– Discover the absolute minimum floor space per bird for optimum health and happiness
– The silent killer of your birds that you’ll easily eliminate right at the start – if you follow these simple steps
– How to quickly get tame birds who are happy to be handled
– The secrets of the ‘darkening system’ that will make your birds noticeably happier and more alert
– Why noise in the loft area can be a good thing rather than a nuisance
– The best place to site the nest boxes to ensure a more eager return of racing birds
– The common way most new fanciers lose vital time during a race – but not you when you see this simple answer
– The easiest thing you can do to see measurable results when breeding your birds
– Why you shouldn’t breed your two best racers – this may seem counterintuitive at first but will make perfect sense to you later
– The importance of homozygosity and how it can increase the chances of you breeding a ‘Big-Money’ birdracing pigeons in their nest boxes
– Discover why it is important to allow inbreeding amongst your birds – but not too much! You’ll know the ideal amount to get the most pigeon performance
– The best times of the year to mate fast, short distance racers and Long distance, endurance racers
– What do you do when your selected birds ‘just don’t want to mate’? – follow this simple 4 day guide and you’ll solve mating problems for good
– The best food to feed your birds according to the time of year and whether mating or laying
– The finger tip test that will tell if you are overfeeding your birds
– The ‘water test’ that will quickly inform you if your birds are well fed or feeling sick
– Race time feeding – how to feed your birds to ensure maximum performance during races
– 24 x pointers to a good racer – as you increase in experience you’ll start to pick ‘the champs’ at a glanceracing pigeon nest with eggs
– What to do to make sure your birds NEVER lay eggs without shells – this secret was passed on to me by my grandfather. His birds always laid strong healthy eggs
– Simple steps to spotting and repairing a cracked shell before it affects the health of the chick
– The weaning schedule that gives the best results and ensures strong healthy young birds
– How to ensure your YB’s come back to the trap white racing pigeons in next boxesafter exercise
– The crucial part of training that has to be mastered as early as possible otherwise racing your birds isn’t possible
– Why detailed record keeping is an absolute must if you want to improve the quality of your race winners.

Some of the top pigeon fanciers use these tips ‘n tricks to consistently produce big race winners.

Clearly when you follow these tips ‘n tricks it will have a distinct affect on your success as a top breeder.

You’ll discover the tightly kept secrets that ace pigeon fanciers use to breed race winning birds that net them those cash prizes. Follow in the footsteps of the professionals and start seeing your pigeons at the top of the leaderboards.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t let the old timers bamboozle you with the mysteries of breeding ‘Big-Money’ pigeons. It’s much easier than they let on. Grab your copy of “How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing Pigeons” today and beat them at their own game.


How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing Pigeons