How To Become A Professional Hunter In Africa


How To Become A Professional Hunter In Africa


Introducing… How To Become A Professional Hunter In Africa And Run A Successful Hunting Safari Company


What You’ll Learn:

Chapter 1 – How To Get Started

How to improve your background knowledge of hunting in Africa
Professional Hunter training in South Africa
Possible obstacles to becoming a trained PH in Africa
Advantages of a South African training course
Other ways to get started in the African hunting industry

Chapter 2 – The South African Professional Hunter Training Syllabus

Duration and costs of a South African Hunter training course
Pre-course compulsory reading
The complete South African hunter training course syllabus and modules

Chapter 3 – Advice on how to tackle the SA hunter training course

What to practice before the course
Practical advice on all course topics

Chapter 4 – ‘Back To School’

An article by Australian John Wilkes who attended PH school in South Africa

Chapter 5 – Getting your first Professional Hunting Licence

Ways to gain Professional Hunting experience in several African countries
Practical advice on ‘cover hunting’ and getting dangerous game hunting experience

Chapter 6 – Hunting Legalities

Legal aspects of hunting every Professional Hunter should know
Lacey Act
Hunt contracts with clients and outfitters

Chapter 7 – Getting Operational

Hunting job options
Working as an employee
Freelance hunting
Buying hunt time
Getting your own hunting area

Chapter 8 – Firearms and Ammunition

The right rifle for a Professional Hunter
Ammunition for the Professional Hunter

Chapter 9 – Hunting Kit

Practical advice on all hunting kit items
List for what to carry as a Professional Hunter
List of extra kit for leopard hunting

Chapter 10 – Building A Hunting Camp

Practical advice on all aspects of building a hunting camp from scratch in the wilderness

Chapter 11 – Fly Camps

How to set up a comfortable fly camp
All the supplies to carry

Chapter 12 – Developing A Hunting Area

How to open up a wilderness area for successful hunting
Area surveys and road building

Chapter 13 – Hunting Trucks

How to convert a vehicle into an ideal hunting truck
Tools and spares to carry

Chapter 14 – Marketing your Hunting Safaris

Hunting conventions
Magazine advertising
Hunting Forums
Hunting Agents

Chapter 15 – Hunt Management

Managing your hunting operation
Hunt contracts and cancellation policies
Hunting indemnity
Hunting staff management
Hunting client management

Chapter 16 – Taxidermy

Management of skinning staff and skinning shed
Other trophy mementos
Trophy tagging and taxidermy register

Chapter 17 – Health

What a Professional Hunter should know to keep himself healthy
Assisting clients with health issues

Chapter 18 – Top Tips and Hints

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How To Become A Professional Hunter In Africa And Run A Successful Hunting Safari Company