How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business eBook


How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business eBook


Crafters and artisans typically try to do everything themselves, after all we are handy people. Our crafts business dictate that we have many skills to make our final products. So it seems only logical that we do everything as well. The truth is that there are many people that have the skills to help us for very little cost.

Introducing… How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business eBook

The topics in the book are not specific to one type but deal with common topics universal to all.

Lets take a brief look at each one of the chapters:

Introduction – Introduce the concepts covered in the book.

Retail – Retail is the back bone of the industry. Operating your own retail store, gallery, studio, indoor and outdoor shows is discussed. You’ll learn how to qualify your customer, and how this can save you time and dollars. Especially at a show.

Wholesale – Wholesale is a viable alternative to retail and has much fewer hassles associated with it. You do sacrifice some money to have the reduced problems. You’ll learn finding and setting up for wholesale trade shows. (This is a very different beast than a retail show.)

In this chapter you’ll learn consignment which is another type of wholesale. How to avoid losing your merchandise if your consignment store happens to go out of biz.

Custom Work – Custom work is working one on one with the customer to create exactly what they want. You could be making a stained glass piece to fit a space and their decor, or custom wood table, the options are endless. Custom work requires extreme consideration of the customers needs and finances. Contracts are also important to protect you and your customer.

You’ll learn what you can do if you receive a bad check. This refers to the other categories as well.

Teaching – Once you become proficient with it you may opt for teaching. This can be both lucrative and rewarding as you help people become proficient working with you medium.

Advertising – Advertising in one form or another is what drives our income. It may be face to face, word of mouth, or an internet presence and many others. As a subsection of advertising you’ll learn some detail photography and how important it is for your advertising.

Book Keeping – Book Keeping is no-ones favorite job but it is an incredibly important part of your biz.

General Tips – These are just a myriad of information that will help you do things faster and more cost effective. It is OK to pay for some things that you would struggle with for hours.

We are now in tricky economic times for the industry. You might think that crafts are luxury items and are the first things to be cut from the list when people tighten their belts. To some extent this may be true. People will still buy quality because it will last longer. So make sure your product is the highest quality you can make.

In the How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business eBook, you’ll learn how to set up a website and marketing your product on the internet. With these economic times this is even more important. You can reach people all over the world, many whose economies are not affected as local economies are.

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How to be Successful in Your Arts & Crafts Business eBook