How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less




How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less


Are you beginning to realize how becoming an expert persuader can create astonishing results in your life?

Introducing… How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days Or Less


How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less is jam-packed with 418 meaty pages of foolproof & powerful information to automatically persuade and influence people… even if you’ve never convinced or persuaded anyone in your entire life!

Most of the content in this course are direct to the point and easy to read, because it clearly explains how my persuasion secrets work in very simple details.

There are also lots of interesting stories and examples you can relate to, so you can fully understand and grasp these powerful ideas.

Although “How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less” consists of 418 pages of life-changing information, it is designed in a format where you can finish the whole course in 20 days or less.

“How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less” is divided it into 20 chapters. Simply finish one chapter a day, then practice the principles as you go about that day. (If you have a lot of spare time, you could even read or listen to more than one chapter in a day).

At 418 pages, you’ll be reading or listening to an average of around 21 pages a day. That’s very doable, isn’t it? Every second that you spend in reading it is definitely worth your time.

Within 20 days, you’ll be a persuasion expert with the amazing ability to rocket your business or career, win lots of friends, enhance your relationships, mesmerize the opposite sex, and persuade anyone to do what you want.

Some of the Incredible Secrets Revealed in How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less:

  • The first and most important thing to do before persuading anyone. Apply this technique so that you’ll multiply success in your persuasion attempts a hundred fold. (Page 9)
  • How to properly apply affirmations and visualizations to magnify your success in persuading anyone. (Page 22)
  • An effective relaxation exercise to calm your nerves before persuading. (Page 24)
  • How to maximize results from your persuasion efforts, so you enhance your persuasion skills every time you attempt to persuade someone. (Page 28)
  • 11 vital points to remember before persuading anyone. (Page 29)
  • The viral power of the “friend factor.” (Page 35)
  • How to make friends the quick and easy way. It’s just like taking candy from a baby. (Page 36)
  • How to start a conversation and make a connection easily. (Page 37)
  • How to know what people like and what their problems are, just by listening and asking the right questions. (Page 39)
  • A very simple yet overlooked way to increase someone’s liking towards you (and just about anything you want them to like). (Page 42)
  • How to use the sweetest word in a person’s vocabulary to make them feel extra special.(Page 46)
  • How to make sure your words of praise come across as genuine and sincere. (Page 51)
  • How to give a sincere and likeable smile, even if you don’t like the person you’re smiling to. (Page 52)
  • How to persuade someone using the “ego booster.” (Page 58)
  • How to use challenges to motivate people. (Page 60)
  • How to get people to treat you as a VIP. (Page 63)
  • How to build rapport with an entire group or audience. (Page 69)
  • How to end any rivalry and persuade people to unite and get along with each other. (Page 77)
  • 4 powerful ways to make anyone forgive you. (Page 81)
  • How to decode and apply the most used yet most misunderstood secret language in the world so that you can interpret their inner feelings and emotions. It’s like having x-ray vision! (Page 85)
  • 5 crucial things you should do (and not do) with your eyes to build trust and be liked. (Page 93)
  • How to persuade anyone to tell the truth! (Page 101)
  • How to predict someone’s personality and hone your instincts. (Page 102)
  • Where and how to touch someone. Warning: Males and females need to be touched differently! (Page 105)
  • 5 secrets to read minds. This is mind-blowing stuff that even mentalists and magicians don’t want you to know! (Page 106)
  • How to effectively associate yourself with positive and likeable things (and disassociate yourself from negative ones) to enjoy happy and satisfying relationships. (Page 112)
  • How to find and use hot trends to explode your income. (Page 115)
  • How to press a “hot button” to instantly bring yourself (or anyone else) in a state of happiness, confidence, inspiration or any other emotional state. (Page 119)
  • How to use the “magic touch” to get anyone to do what you want. This is so sneaky they won’t even notice you doing it to them. (Page 122)
  • How to make people say things you like to hear, and not say things you don’t like to hear. (Page 123)
  • How to dominate the persuasion scene using the shocking power of authority. (Page 125)
  • How to make people see and treat you as “the expert” or “the authority” without being arrogant. (Page 128)
  • How to become the persuasive leader of a group. (Page 131)
  • How to get anyone to talk with you longer and more frequently. (Page 136)
  • Think you have to work hard to make sales? Not anymore! Here’s a sneaky strategy to make your prospects exert the effort to pay you. (Page 145)
  • How a single story could convert honest people into cheaters, and vice-versa. (Page 145)
  • What to say after people thanked you for something you gave or did, so they will feel a strong need to repay you. (Clue: It’s not “You’re Welcome!”) (Page 149)
  • Essential “Do’s” and Don’ts” to make people like (or even love) you using reciprocity. If you do this wrong, you’ll be in hot water instead. (Page 152)
  • How to get anyone to commit and actually fulfill their commitment. (Page 158)
  • How selling your product at a ridiculously low price (to the point of break-even) can boost your sales later on. (Page 163)
  • How to get anyone to give you much more than you asked for. (Page 164)
  • How to change the minds of people who have already made up their minds. (Page 168)
  • A tricky little tactic used by charities to get more donations. (Page 169)
  • The ironic case of my friend who bought his dream car after he found out it has some flaws. (Page 170)
  • The shocking truth behind the irresistible appeal of “adults only” materials and forbidden love. (Page 172)
  • How to significantly increase a thing’s value and arouse people’s desire to buy it. (Page 178)
  • Mind-blowing secrets behind 2 killer persuasion tactics – the “triple scarcity combo” and the “persuasion fatal 4.”(Page 178)
  • How to use your competitor to make more sales for your own. (This is ethical!) (Page 183)
  • The hidden advantages of being the first and the last in any activity or situation. (Page 188)
  • Sizzling secrets that skyrocket your profits like a space shuttle launching to outer space! These techniques are not revealed in most high-priced marketing books, courses and seminars. (Page 191)
  • How to make your product stand out even if it’s the same as the rest. (Page 207)
  • How to apply “proofless exaggerations” to influence people. (Page 208)
  • The amazing “anti-pressure” strategy that will make your prospects beg you to sell your product or service to them! (Page 210)
  • How to increase the value of your product or service many times over. (Page 214)
  • How to turn one sale into many more! (Page 215)
  • The “counter proposal” method to make your prospects buy after they have rejected your offer. (Page 218)
  • A very powerful strategy that will make anyone reveal exactly how they want to be sold. This is key to making lots of money! (Page 221)
  • Why exposing the flaws or weaknesses of a product can dramatically increase its selling power. (Page 225)
  • How to get the “perfect” testimonial from a customer. (Page 229)
  • How to use clever pricing strategies to superboost your sales. One of them is the ingenious “make them feel guilty” technique. (Page 230)
  • 3 simple steps to convert a complaining customer into a loyal fan. (Page 240)
  • Subliminal advertising messages that control the minds of consumers. (Page 243)
  • How to NOT become a victim of sleazy sales practices. Discover an accurate method to detect if a seller is lying. (Page 245)
  • What to do if someone offended you, but you can’t express your feelings directly. (Page 252)
  • Some people would never say anything negative in your presence. Here’s how to know what they truly feel inside. (Page 257)
  • A 3-step strategy to dismiss and NOT follow people’s advice without offending them.(Page 263)
  • How to persuade the hardheaded.(Page 264)
  • The “immunity formula” to protect yourself against criticisms. (Page 267)
  • How to know if someone is interested in you through their eyes. .(Page 270)
  • Great conversation openers so that you’ll feel comfortable in the company of strangers. (Page 271)
  • How to press the hot button of seduction. (Page 272)
  • How I effortlessly made a very beautiful woman (now my wife) fell madly in love with me. (Page 273)
  • How to go from “mutual understanding” to serious boyfriend or girlfriend relationship. (Page 275)
  • How to resolve conflicts in marriage. (Page 276)
  • 3 simple steps to make someone love you. (Page 277)
  • How to ask the right questions to get better answers. (Page 286)
  • How to still get someone to do what you want even if you feel like you’re asking too much. (Page 289)
  • The “super formula” that has the power to persuade cancer patients of their healing ability, transform average and below average people into intellectuals, and unleash anyone’s fullest potentials. (Page 292)
  • The secret question that can make others do what you want right now! (Page 300)
  • How to stop someone from feeling insecure or envious with another person. (Page 301)
  • How to get your money from a borrower who doesn’t want to pay you back. (Page 302)
  • How Coach Jason transformed a losing basketball team into a fiery championship contender. (Page 302)
  • How to press the hot button of motivation. (Page 305)
  • The power of “trigger” words. Just pull the trigger (say the word) and you can get people to feel the way you want them to or do what you want. (Page 315)
  • How to turn negative thoughts or situations into positive ones. (Page 316)
  • How to persuade when you’re talking one-on-one. (Page 316)
  • How to easily talk to anyone and make people love to talk to you. (Page 319)
  • 4 simple steps to break bad news and minimize its intensity. (Page 321)
  • 6 easy and guilt-free ways to say “No” without offending anyone. (Page 323)
  • How to become a persuasive storyteller. (Page 336)
  • How to use “subliminal repetition” to control people’s minds. (Page 344)
  • A clever way to turn your weaknesses into strengths. (Page 345)
  • How to make someone accept your idea or statement as true, even if it’s not yet proven to be true. (Page 354)
  • Words that pass undetected by the subconscious mind. (Page 358)
  • How to confuse or overwhelm their mind so you can “sneakily” slip in your command. (Page 360)
  • How to infuse the “can-do” attitude on anyone who thinks they can’t. (Page 365)
  • How to become a highly persuasive public speaker. (Page 366)
  • How to peacefully resolve differences in opinions or ideas. (Page 372)
  • How to persuade any employer to hire you and get your dream job. (Page 374)
  • The 4-step strategy to overcome rude people. (Page 382)
  • How to deal with negative people (Page 384) and jealous individuals. (Page 385)
  • How to make people doubt and change their beliefs, no matter how stubborn or close-minded they are. (Page 387)
  • How to handle questions that accuse, condemn or insult you. (Page 393)
  • How to protect yourself from verbal attacks. (Page 395)
  • How to set yourself free from manipulators and controlling people who love to “dictate” your every action and decision. (Page 396)
  • The atmospheres, conditions and settings that make people highly receptive to your persuasive message. (Page 399)
  • Why feeling sad can leave you broke before you even realize it. (Page 402)
  • How to (ethically) use a person’s conscience to get what you want. (Page 402)
  • How to use music to sell more products. (Page 405)
  • How to protect yourself from emotional blackmail. (Page 409)
  • How to handle manipulative children. (Page 411)

If you know how to persuade people effectively, you will achieve massive success in everything you do because persuasion enhances almost all aspects of your life. Investing in “How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less” is the best decision you can make for yourself, don’t you agree?

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How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days Or Less