How to Be An Enhanced Human


How to Be An Enhanced Human


Who Else Wants to Get Brain Chips, Gene Mods, and Cognition Enhancers?”

And Then Use It To Have Mental Powers Of Bradley Cooper “Limitless”, Control Devices With Your Thoughts, and Acquire Desirable Genes…

Exceeding Previous Human Limitations)!

You want to become a better human by enhancement. You want to exceed your human limitations with technology. You want to find out some more information about human enhancement for you. There isn’t much information on the internet about where and how to get enhanced. This ebook contains many resources about potential enhancement opportunities. Many Bio-conservatives have been trying to put constraints on human enhancement saying its affront to human nature. People have been using dangerous plastic surgery. Most people go with out enhancements while those who are enhanced become more elite. And many people think that they will die of old age.

Introducing: How to Be An Enhanced Human

How to Be An Enhanced Human Cover

This is an E-book written by an expert in human enhancement technology Malik Martin. This book is for those who want to know how to access enhanced human abilities technology. When you download this book you will find all of the resources throughout each chapter. The book is delivered by PDF download instantly for your private use.

Section 1: How Do I Get Enhanced!

This book contains a report on the newest bio-technologies that will greatly increase your human capabilities. Do you want to know how to harness these technologies? You will be among the first to access this new wave in future technology for humans.

Section 2: Genetic Engineering

Over 1000’s of years natural selection has slowly shaped our genes to adapt to our environment and create what we know today as our genetic traits. Now with gene therapy we can adapt our genes quicker to fit our desired lifestyle.

Section 3: Anti Aging/Advanced Healing

You can now Live Indefinitely The possibility of living indefinitely is actual through techniques like tissue regeneration, stem cells , regenerative medicine, nano-robotics, molecular repair, pharmaceuticals and organ transplant. You can enhance yourself through complete rejuvination to a healthy youthful condition.

Section 4: Brain Chips And Computer Interfacing

The future is here and now we can control many devices and appliances with just your thoughts. Brain computer interfacing enables you to be efficient, making your life easier. This section includes many resources for learning and getting enhancements.

Section 5: Cognition Enhancing Drugs

With cognition enhancing drugs you have many benefits such as improved focus, out of the box thinking and improved relationships. Get a glance into the world of cognition enhancers and find your own “stack” that works for you.. being more focused can help you to listen better. With out of the box thinking you can potentially come up with solutions to problems that you face. statistics have proved that improved relationships increase your sense of belonging which in turn increases your well being.

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How to Be An Enhanced Human