How to be a Ventriloquist


How to be a Ventriloquist


A Little History on Ventriloquism:

The history of ventriloquism dates back as far as 1753 in England by Sir John Parnell who used a talking hand. In 1757 Austrian Baron De Mengen used a small puppet whose mouth piece was very similar to that of a nutcracker.

In 1783, Richard Potter, the first Black American Ventriloquist and Magician conversed with a wooden doll, bringing ventriloquism to America.

This wonderful art form has been sought after ever since, with a growing number of people wanting to learn how to be a ventriloquist. From the time of Vaudeville to late night television shows, we have all been fascinated with ventriloquists being able to make a doll speak, without ever moving their lips.

In the past, the only way to learn this art would be with a mentor willing to teach them or from reading books. As this was such a well-guarded profession, by those ventriloquists, no one wanted to share their techniques with others. So it became quite difficult for someone interested in this art, to learn anything whatsoever.

Edgar Bergen, who is considered one of the greatest legends in ventriloquism, released an audio lesson back when he was huge in radio and in movies. Unfortunately, it was more of a quick over view of his techniques and little information for those wanting to actually learn how to become a ventriloquist.

Years later, Jimmy Nelson, famous for his appearances on the Milton Berle Show and spokesman for Nestle Quick, released a record set explaining the techniques he used.

Although you could learn from these, it was often hard to understand the actual techniques. With the birth of VHS and DVD’s, ventriloquists were coming out of the woodwork with their “How To” recordings.

Again, many of these courses left out valuable information and steps needed to become successful as a ventriloquist. Specific aspects to study and practice never seemed to come into play. So learning how to be a ventriloquist was not only frustrating but close to impossible to learn.

Meet Tom Crowl:

Tom Crowl, a top corporate entertainer and comedian, obtained every DVD, VHS, course and book available with hopes of learning ventriloquism. Although he did obtain ideas, some things were still elusive. He finally was able to take private lessons from a professional ventriloquist. Only then did he completely understand the techniques needed to master the art.

Through his enormous experience and understanding, Tom knows how frustrating it can be for someone to truly understand techniques and learn how to be a ventriloquist.

Learn How to be a Ventriloquist with Tom:

Tom has spent a great deal of time taking his knowledge and creating the very best course in techniques and training available to date. His course is broken down into 36 lessons, and each lesson contains written instructions along with HD videos showing real techniques.

Where clarity of techniques is needed, he has included extreme close ups that show you exactly how the sounds are made using your tongue and teeth.

His site takes members through the 36 lessons, on a schedule that allows them to work on the techniques every day. Using state of the art time released software, members are learning, absorbing and fully understanding how to be a ventriloquist.

As a professional ventriloquist, who performs 250 – 300 shows a year, he is sharing tips and tricks that only come from this level of professionalism. His members are learning every single aspect of ventriloquism.

For labials, (meaning pertaining to the lips) letters that require the use of your lips: B,F,M,P,V, Tom instructs beginners on specific exercises required to strengthen those sounds, long before learning the actual technique.

For those people who truly want to learn how to perform ventriloquism, there is nothing out there that comes even close to Tom’s course! He will not just give you guidance on the basics, he will teach you exactly how to be a professional. This course is on the level of taking private lessons from him, at a fraction of the cost.

“I loved Tom’s course! There is nothing like this out there. Beginners will learn the art of ventriloquism properly from the ground up, and experienced vents will be able to refresh their basics. Tom is offering a real valuable resource to the vent community and beyond!” – Neale Bacon – Canada’s #1 Family Show Ventriloquist

Come Join Us and See For Yourself

If you are frustrated by difficult to understand techniques, tired of poorly explained instructions and truly want to learn the skills to be a good ventriloquist, this course is for you!

Join, have some fun and learn how to be a ventriloquist!

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