How to Achieve Natural Vision Correction


How to Achieve Natural Vision Correction


Many people today with eyesight problems are looking for ways to achieve natural vision correction. The risks of Laser surgery, which at one time was thought to be a miracle answer to vision problems have become apparent. People have also become aware of the fact that more often than not, glasses can actually make your vision worse rather than improving it!

This awareness has meant that people are less willing to accept the fact that they need to wear glasses for the rest of their lives or resort to expensive and risky laser surgery. People are now taking responsibility for their eyesight and seeking out natural methods to improve it.

It is often a pleasant surprise when they find out that in fact there are ways to naturally improve your vision. One of these is of course by paying particular attention to what you eat. It is not a myth that rabbits can see in the dark because they eat lots of carrots. Foods that contain beta carotene are extremely beneficial for vision and in fact improve night vision.

Oily fish and berries which are rich in essential fatty acids are also known to have a beneficial effect on eyesight. Herbs such as Ginkgo bilboa can also be useful in certain situation where eyesight has deteriorated due to circulatory problems. This herb should not however be taken by anyone who is taking blood thinning drugs or aspirin.

Of course there are also a number of useful eye exercise which if undertaken on a regular basis can improve your eyesight. Some which come to mind are the pinhole glasses eye exercise, which simply involves purchasing and wearing pinhole glasses. There is also the Bates eye exercise method. Both of these exercises are inexpensive and safe ways of achieving natural vision correction.

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