How to Achieve Eyesight Improvement


How to Achieve Eyesight Improvement


Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to achieve eyesight improvement is to dedicate time to carrying out the Bates Exercise Method.

William Horatio Bates was a pioneering Ophthalmologist born in the United States. He was passionate about finding out as much as he could about vision correction. After years of research on thousands of people who suffered from eye problems, he discovered that wearing glasses actually makes your eyesight worse, rather than better!

Of course this was a revolutionary statement and he attracted a lot of critics. Yet, he also gained lots of faithful patients. This was because those who carried out his exercises more often than not gained a remarkable improvement in their vision and were actually able to throw their glasses away.

He also stressed the importance of diet and stated that many eye problems are actually caused by diet and vitamin deficiencies. In order to keep eyes healthy he advocated a regime of exercises and a well balanced diet.

Up until this day people who faithfully follow the Bates exercises have been able to take responsibility for their own eye health, rather than relying on the prescriptions of opticians. The exercises consist of a number of exercise tasks, namely the Palming exercise, which consists of placing the palms of your hands over your eyes. The second exercise is the Swinging exercise which involves shifting your gaze. Bates believed that exposure to the sun was fundamental for good eye health as it enabled the eyes to absorb Vitamin A. He therefore included an exercise known as the Sunning exercise.

He also advocated using the Snellen Eye Card as a way of keeping track of the progress that you are making. If you are looking for an efficient way of achieving eyesight improvement, it is certainly worthwhile considering the Bates Exercises.

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