How to Achieve Eyesight Correction


How to Achieve Eyesight Correction


Of course as everyone knows the most common ways to achieve eyesight correction are either to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. There is also the option of laser surgery, which is inexpensive and risky. In fact we have unfortunately been conditioned by orthodox ophthalmology to believe that these are the only three options available. However this is simply not the case.

Research by the revolutionary American Ophthalmologist, William Bates showed that glasses rather than correcting vision, actually made it worse. As you can imagine, statements such as these by William Bates, attracted a great deal of harsh criticism. Yet, he was able to back up his statement with hard facts, as he had spent years carrying out research on thousands upon thousands of people who had vision problems.

He showed that the majority of eye problems even very serious ones are actually caused by stress and strain to the eye muscles. He therefore devised a series of easy to follow exercises which allow the eye muscles to relax and thus give the eyes an opportunity to heal and self repair.

He also stressed the importance of a well balanced diet for good eye health, which include the appropriate vitamins. His exercise program also includes a Sunning exercise to enable your eyes to absorb Vitamin A which he said was a vital vitamin for the eyes

When a court case was brought against him, it was eventually throw. This was because so many patients came forward to testify that after following the exercises designed by Bates they were able to throw away there glasses!

The wonderful thing about these exercises is that they are a safe and inexpensive way to achieve eyesight correction. In order to begin you need only purchase one of the books available which set out how to follow the exercises, step by step.

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