How to Achieve Better Eyesight


How to Achieve Better Eyesight


Those who dream of a way to achieve better eyesight, often consider expensive laser surgery. However this is often not the miracle answer to eyesight problems that many people think it is. Laser surgery is expensive, and as with all types of surgery it carries a number of risks.

There are in fact a number of other ways to achieve better eyesight rather than undergoing risky laser surgery.

Two methods that come to mind include the Pinhole Glasses Method and the Bates Exercise Method. These are both safe and inexpensive ways of improving your vision.

The key to both of these exercise methods is the relaxation of the eye muscles which leads to better and improved vision. Although the Bates Exercise Method requires an investment of time each day, the Pinhole Glasses exercise method is perfect for busy people who may not have the time each day to carry out the Bates Method on a regular basis.

This is because the Pinhole Glasses exercise, simply involves wearing these glasses, for at least fifteen minutes a day, and they then do all of the work ! Pinhole Glasses are made of an opaque material such as plastic or metal. They consist of a series of pin sized perforations. They work by eliminating the scattering of light to the retina, and also by cutting out peripheral vision. This in turn enables the eye muscles to relax, which will improve the vision of those wearing them.

The process can be speed up if you have the time to also carry out the Bates Exercise Method. The wonderful thing about these exercises is that they are safe and risk free ways to achieve better eyesight. Those who are considering surgery should certainly give these exercises a go before embarking on expensive and risky laser surgery.

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