How Should I Deal with Premature Ejaculation?


How Should I Deal with Premature Ejaculation?

By Edward White


First of all, I want to commend you for doing something to overcome premature ejaculation. Exercises will help improve sexual stamina, but just like what you are experiencing, your ability for control going to be more consistent the longer you keep at it. Initially, experiencing a lapse every now and then is normal and should be expected.

So, as for your question, what is the best way to approach this topic with your partner in a way that will not leave you embarrassed. There is no single approach to broaching this topic, and a lot of it has to do with the state of your relationship with your partner.

If you and your partners are in a long term and supportive relationship, being open is the best approach to avoid embarrassment. Remember that you are doing this not just for yourself, but also for her sexual fulfillment and gratification. Involving her and getting her support helps you and your relationship. In fact, there are many exercises that involve a cooperative partner, so actually having her in on it will be a weight off of your chest.

If you are not quite ready to be so open, then you can still avoid embarrassment by being careful about what you say in times when you do come early. Think about it because your words will shape how she views it.

Here are two ways of telling her, and you can see from these examples how your words can shape her attitude towards the situation. Imagine you’re having sex with your partner and you realize you’re about to come sooner than expected. Do you tell your partner:

“I’m sorry, honey…”

Or do you tell her:

“You’re so hot. Damn, I don’t think I want to hold it in much longer.”

In the first example, embarrassment is inevitable. You just admitted to an inability to hold on for as long as you need to. Clearly, this approach should not be used.

In the second example, you made it appear like you are in control and that you want to come. You also complemented your partner for being very sexy, which I’m sure will ruffle any feelings of disappointment she may have had.

So, the important thing is you keep at it. The more you practice those techniques, the more consistent you will be in maintaining control over your sexual performance.

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