How I Fixed the YLOD Myself!


How I Fixed the YLOD Myself!


Last week, I unfortunately suffered the Yellow Light of Death. This had been the worst thing that had happened to me, because this was a Christmas present some years back, and now that it is out of warranty, I have to pay the $200 repair fee! However, after doing some background research, working out my available options, I came across a site on the web that appeared to fix the issue I had. I had a look at the testimonials, and judging by those testimonial remarks, I thought I might as well give it a shot!

After paying the onetime fee of $37, I was redirected to a professionally made member’s section that had:

• Professionally Made Videos!
• Professionally Made Guides for every PS3 model!
• One-on-one help, via email and telephone!

I saw many benefits in joining this program:

• It was an easy and safe way to fix my PS3
• I fixed my PS3 in an hour and a half
• I saved myself $200 (Sony charges $200 for repairs)

And I am glad to say my PS3 is up and running again! Give it a shot! You are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee!

CLICK on the link below to visit the site!