How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book


How-Do-I-Tell-the-Kids-HeaderHow Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book


If you’re a parent facing separation or divorce, don’t make your children pay the price!

Learn the mistakes to avoid before you make them for the sake of your kids!

You’re facing the most difficult conversation you may ever have.

And you want to get it right.

You don’t want to hurt your children.

And there’s so much at stake.

Introducing… How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book


Endorsed by therapists, attorneys, mediators, coaches, educators and other professionals worldwide.

Are you wondering …

– when to break the news to your children?
– just how you’re going to tell them?
– whether to do it alone or with your spouse?

And most important of all – are you unsure about what you should say?

There are answers to your questions. There’s also a simple way to tell your children in a manner that eases their pain, reassures them of your love and helps them get through the transition that lies ahead. Best of all …

How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book doesn’t just tell you what to say. It says it for you!

Let’s face it, telling your children about it may be the most difficult conversation you’ll ever have. Why leave it to chance?

This guidebook was written so you don’t have to worry, spend sleepless nights or beat yourself up about making a mistake … saying the wrong things … falling apart … or not having answers to your children’s immediate questions.

Even if you don’t purchase this guidebook, you need to make sure you share these essential messages with your children again and again so that they never forget:

– You are, and always will be, loved my Mom and Dad.
– You are, and will continue to be, safe.
– You are not to blame for any of this.
– Mom and Dad will still always be your Mom and Dad.
– This is about change, not about blame.
– Everything is going to be okay.

No other book anywhere shows you how to create a customized storybook uniquely about your family … your children … and your divorce!

The benefits for both you and your children are immeasurable.

After reading this Guidebook, You will feel…

  • confident about how to begin, end, and know just what to say all the way through the conversation
  • prepared to share with your children the six essential concepts they need to understand and accept
  • aware of what your children may be thinking and feeling so you can respond accordingly
  • secure, as a role-model for your children, on how to handle disagreements and discord with dignity, integrity and respect
  • proud, for the sake of your children, that you took the high road as you venture into it or separation
  • empowered about conveying your message with understanding, compassion and love
  • confident you’re giving your family the best possible foundation for a healthy and harmonious future, despite it
  • capable of creating and maintaining a Child-Centered divorce
  • ready to tell your kids about it – because you will be!

You will know …

  • how to avoid anxiety, awkwardness and stumbling for just the right words
  • you have a text you can refer back to so that you stay on track – even when emotions run high
  • how to communicate in the language your children (between the ages of 5 and 15) will understand – and appreciate
  • what to expect, how to respond and be prepared with answers to inevitable questions
  • you are giving your children a wonderful storybook about them and their family that they will want to read over and over again for reassurance
  • how to access resources you can turn to, including: articles, organizations, attorneys and therapists, to give you additional support in the coming months

Your kids will …

  • feel safe, loved and accepted during this difficult time in their lives
  • know and understand they are not responsible or to blame
  • discover that change, while frightening and difficult, is inevitable and can turn out okay
  • appreciate having a storybook about them and their family that they can read again and again for reassurance
  • grasp, through text and family photographs, that life goes on from the past into the future, and there will be many happy experiences to look forward to ahead
  • hear, and start to accept, the six key messages essential to help them through it and beyond
  • avoid the anxiety and guilt of having to make choices or decisions that are not their responsibility
  • remember the respectful way you handled the challenges Mom and Dad have been experiencing
  • thank you when they grow up for trying your hardest at all times to create a Child-Centered-Divorce!

Six professional Therapists share their expertise with you!

That’s right. Because this is such an important message, not one or two, but six professional therapists, experienced with this and mediation, contribute their considerable expertise to this guidebook. Their insight, advice, commentary and support add significantly to the value of this ebook – making it a resource you can turn to again and again in the days, weeks, months … and even years ahead.

Psychotherapists, mediators, attorneys, coaches, educators and other professionals around the world endorse and support … How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book

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How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? – Guide Book