How Do I Help My Guy Last Longer in Bed?


How Do I Help My Guy Last Longer in Bed?

By Edward White


An understanding and supportive partner is a plus when it comes to helping a man last longer in bed. Of course, you need to adjust how you show your concern. You know your partner best. If he’s open enough to bring it up with you, then you know you can talk about it openly with him. But if he’s never brought it up, it’s possible that he’s just not ready to own up to it.

In my experience, being constructive or offering concrete solutions is an approach that many men welcome. Instead of presenting solutions to premature ejaculation, you can entice your man with new sexual activities that you can do together.

One such activity that you can introduce your man to is “live action edging”.

Edging is the method a man can use to stop from climaxing when he’s really turned on, reign himself in, and go for longer. It is used in conjunction with the Stimulation Awareness Scale, a scale of 1 to 10, where one is not stimulated at all, and 10 is the climax.

Before you do this, it is important to introduce your man to the idea, and brief him that you will be going from one position to another.

Here’s how it goes. When you start having sex, your man should take tabs of his stimulation level. Don’t worry, it sounds like it takes the fun out of sex, but really, it heightens sex because your partner will be made aware of how turned on he is at every moment. Encourage him to talk about how stimulated he is so you can help him keep tab on how near he is to climaxing.

Start in one position. It doesn’t really matter which position it is, but for beginners, I recommend the missionary position because it allows the man better control of how deeply and how fast he penetrates his partner. When your man has reached a 6 or a 7, bring activity down a notch, and prepare to switch to a new position. This should bring stimulation levels down to a 3 or 4. Now, you are free to work your way up to a 6 or 7. After which you can repeat the process until you are both ready for him to come.

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. With this technique, the more you practice, the longer your partner will be able to go before needing to come.

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