Horseback Riding Secrets


Horseback Riding Secrets


How many times before did you watch the top-riders while wondering: ‘How are they doing this?’

You heard about invisible aids and yet you are sure you’re already using all of these items. Still your horse is not working as ‘fine’ as the competition stallions you admire so much.

Although your instructor, the top riders and you have all the same morphology, exactly the same human body, how come that they seem to use it differently, effortlessly….

What You Are Missing…

Your instructor is repeating you the same rules every time over and over again, and yet in your body something is hindering you from becoming ‘one’ with your horse.

• What is it that makes you feel stuck on your level?
• What is it that makes you and your horse feel like each one is living and moving in his own world?
• What exactly is holding you back from better results, a more obedient, reactive, responding horse?

You realize that it’s not the choice of your instructor, you indeed have had good instructors.

Then what is the missing part?

Presenting… Horseback Riding Secrets


Horses will love you, dressage judges will not believe their eyes when they see you within a few weeks from now. Show jumping ponies will take less fences, won’t try to stop any more and will remain more balanced.

This ebook contains all you need to know about the subject.

In “Horseback Riding Secrets”, you’ll discover:

1) You will feel him to be one with you
2) You will find him fully concentrated, listening to your breath, peacefully waiting for your instructions
3) He will become truly relaxed, his breathing will become more regular
4) You will be astonished how he’s breathing will join yours
5) You’ll end up both loving this new way of moving

In “Horseback Riding Secrets”, you will learn…

  • Easy for Beginners
  • The importance of breathing applied to horseriding
  • How to breathe and its effect on him
  • How breathing relaxes the muscles
  • How to make a total breathing
  • The effect of the low position of the diaphragm
  • Breathing and the link to an independent seat
  • Breathing used in practical situations:

– the stop
– the half-halt
– driving the speed up
– slowing down
– going backwards
– transitions
– jumping a fence

  • How to vanish fear by breathing:

– as a beginner
– after a bad fall or accident

  • The force of breathing applied to a blocking/stubborn/lazy and shy pony:

– Why does he block?
– How can breathing help you avoid blocking?

  • Case 1: He is blocking in the arena always on the same spot
  • Case 2: He blocks when you want him to go forward
  • Case 3: The rearing pony
  • …and much more!

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Horseback Riding Secrets