Horse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified


horse-whispering-secret-headerHorse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified


Self-Taught Horse-Whisperer Reveals Horse Body Language Secrets That Give You INSTANT Control …And Affection From *ANY* Horse You Meet…

Introducing… Horse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified


What you will learn here, you won’t even get from one of those fancy horseback riding schools that charge you a fortune!

What YOU’LL learn in Horse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified:

  • How to INSTANTLY relax a horse by using the sound of your voice… your friends will be amazed! …there’s a certain way of doing it, but its not what you think it is… pg 14.
  • WARNING: YOU SHOULD STOP RIDING IMMEDIATELY …if you notice it doing THIS -pg. 20
  • Horse Body Language Secrets –that will tell you EXACTLY what it is feeling and thinking so you know how to react in the appropriate way… PLUS! How To Make It Instantly Calm And Friendly In Your Presence … by using my simple yet highly powerful method… its almost hypnotism. Pg. 17-20
  • How to approach a horse safely… pg. 13
  • The Simple Freeze Test that will tell you when your horse is about to bolt …PLUS! What to do to keep you and your horse safe in a situation like this…pg. 20
  • What you should NEVER wear when horseback riding. pg. 24
  • Grooming Secrets! How to give it that natural beautiful shine that professional, pampered show-horses have… PLUS! Quick and Easy Hygiene …everything you need to know to keep it clean and healthy for ultimate riding.
  • How to Trot and Canter like a pro…your friends will be shocked! pg. 46-47
  • 3 DEADLY MISTAKES MOST beginners make …when they are first around a horse PLUS! What to NEVER do when you meet a NEW horse! pg. 12-15
  • See How It Is Feeling… by simply hearing its vocals… very fascinating stuff! Pg. 20.
  • How to Start, Stop and Turn It with COMPLETE control overnight! pg. 42-45
  • Are You Sometimes Afraid Or Uncomfortable Around Horses? …learn these three dead obvious Tell-Tale signs –so you always know how it is feeling …become confident OVERNIGHT! pg. 18
  • How to approach it in a way that will make them friendly right away… pg 14.
  • YOU MIGHT BE IN DANGER… when you see it do this you need to either calm him or get off safely straight away… Pg. 17
  • How To Prevent Them From Breaking Their Neck… (this happens a lot more than you think…) PLUS! a little-known quick-release knot that will keep it restrained but allow you to free it quickly if it starts to panic… (if you’re not using this kind of knot, it could face serious injury) pg. 27
  • The ideal distance you should keep between two horses to ride safely… don’t follow this and you might cause it unnecessary stress and panic… pg. 17
  • The BEST posture you can have while riding it for MAXIMUM COMFORT and control (and it will be comfortable too!) … it will make riding 250% easier! …not 200% — not 300% … but 250% as you’ll see…
  • When It Move Its Tail Higher It Means It Is Excited, RIGHT? …WRONG! There is some truth to this, but the fact is …sometimes it means something COMPLETELY different …in fact it could put it and you in danger if you don’t find out what else it means…page 20.
  • FIRST-TIME RIDER? Everything you NEED to know before you get on the horse! Use this as a guideline and you’ll have a perfect first time! Pg. 22-26
  • If you see this… take it to the vet at once! HINT: Its all to do with its ears… pg. 19
  • Chafing? Hey, it happens. Here’s a very handy tip to avoid extremely painful chafing… all you have to do is wear this… pg. 24
  • The CORRECT Way To Lead It… most beginners make many fundamental mistakes that will confuse it or teach them bad habits… learn to lead the RIGHT way… pg. 25-26.
  • The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Sure You’re 100% Safe Before You Ride… all it takes is 5 quick-check steps… pg. 32-35
  • How to get it to obey your every command… pg. 25-26
  • Never mount it inside a barn… here’s why… pg. 36.
  • The FIRST thing you should do before you even THINK of mounting it… pg. 37
  • The Single BIGGEST mistake beginner riders make… and you’ll probably do it unless you read this!… pg 42.
  • WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG? … Quick-To-React Emergency Tactics that will make sure you and your horse stay safe if things get ugly… pg. 48-49
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT HORSEBACK RIDING SCHOOLS… what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right… PLUS! …how to find a school that’s perfect for you! pg. 55-57
  • How to get it to stop instantly… pg. 44

As you can see… what you will learn in Horse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified is not just important and valuable horseback riding lessons… but… its actually APPLICABLE… everything you learn in this book… YOU CAN USE!

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Horse Whispering Secrets – Horse Communication Simplified