Horse Riding Lessons


Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride guides you step-by-step through walk, trot, canter, turning, halting and reining back, and prepares you for safe horseback trail riding.

horse-riding-lessons-cover-2This book will teach you how to:

– Find your ideal horse
– Catch, lead, tie, saddle and unsaddle your horse with confidence
– Mount and dismount safely
– Walk, trot and canter with perfect control
– Halt and rein-back
– Turn your horse in any gait
– Stay safe when horseback trail riding
– Take proper care of your horse before and after riding him
– Have fun with your horse!

Here are some amazing secrets, tips and techniques this course will teach you:

– How not to look like a beginner rider even when you’ve just started!
– How to choose the right horse for you
– How to safely try out different horses
– How to adapt to the English or Western style
– How to be a quiet yet effective rider
– How to master easy but essential riding basics that professionals know but most riders are never taught
– How to stop your horse from misbehaving
– Where to find the best and cheapest horse equipment
– Understanding how your horse thinks
– And much more…!

You’ll learn quickly and correctly

You’ll progress fast with the logical layout of this book. Each riding lesson builds on what you learned in the one before. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll be a competent horse rider before you know it.

Your friends will wonder how you learned to ride so well so fast!

Here’s the bottom line on this incredible resource

Other horse riding ebooks begin with long discussions about the history of the horse and his association with man, etc., etc. They just waste your time.

You want to learn to ride, don’t you?

Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride immediately gives you relevant horseback riding information with photo illustrations for learning safely and quickly.

Additional features

– Safety tips to help you avoid mistakes around horses which most horse people learn the hard way!
– A chapter on how to decide whether you need riding lessons
– Information on finding the right riding instructor
– A glossary of common horse terms

This comprehensive resource leads you safely through the whole horse riding experience. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make you a competent horse rider. And you’ll feel relaxed and secure during the entire learning process.

By safely introducing you to the wonderful world of horses, this book will turn your life around. Follow my system, and you’ll no longer be a beginner: you’ll be a real horse rider!

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Horse Riding Lessons