Horse Betting 101 – Horse Betting Tips


Horse Betting 101 – Horse Betting Tips




If you are fed up of losing on the horses you are in the right place! If you are looking for a system that has produced 288.02pts profit to level 1pt back bets with 2 TINY losing months in the last 13, you ARE in the right place!

So, How Does it Work?


After you’ve completed your payment, just enter your email address into the relevant form to let me know where you want me to email the selections each morning.


Wait until the morning to receive your selections (around 10am, sometimes a little later but never after midday) where you’ll receive full details of the race time, course and selection to back.


Go and place your bets. No messing around working out your stakes. Just back each horse to win the race with 1pt of your betting bank. Done.

If there are no selections, an email will be sent to you saying there are no selections.

Selections will start the day you sign up (if you get in before the morning email goes out). If you sign up after the email has gone out, for example, you sign up at 11am and by midday you haven’t had the days selections, just send me an email and I will get the days selections across to you.

Here’s to finishing the year and going beyond without a losing month.