Horse Barn—Basic Information


Horse Barn—Basic Information


Storage, stalls and ventilation are the things that you need for a horse barn basic plan. It is essential to decide how many horses the barn will accommodate when making the plans. Completely locked and enclosed storage area needed for feed and tack. In each stall there must be buckets used for food and water. Open and clear of danger s with enough lighting should be the aisle way.

First, you have to determine how big the barn plan will be. Draw one stall per horse in the barn but be sure to check first how many horses the barn will accommodate. At least 12 feet long and 14 feet wide should be the size of each barn and the stalls should be connecting to each other. In the middle of the stalls going straight through the barn you should draw a 14 feet wide aisle way. On both sides you have to draw the storage room and stalls lining the aisle way. Doors that are double sliding are great because they re easy to deal with. To allow machinery and pieces of equipment to fit through easily you have to build a doorway at least 12 feet wide.

Make decision regarding the Flooring of the barn of the horses and the amount of money that you are going to spend for it. Provide a flat surface for rubber floor mats in the stalls and erases holes are what cement floors can do. Bricks made of rubber are pricey, but the benefits they provide for horses are great. The bricks permit for shock absorbency, cushion and drainage for the horses. Three walls that are at least 6 feet tall and one stall front with door should each stall must have. See if the doors swing open or will slide along a track. Add room to the aisle way to acknowledge the doors opening if the doors swing open.

The stalls need one bucket each for food along with an eye hook and snap for each bucket to hang and one bucket each for water as well. Adding rubber stall mats will save expenses in bedding and provide horses a soft surface on which they can rest that if it fits to your budget. For air to flow in the summer heat you have to add one fan per stall. Ceiling fans placed above each stall or box fans placed above the stalls on the wall.

Feed and stack storage room should have a solid door that locks and the size should be similar as a stall. Grain bin, saddle and bridle racks for each horse added sufficiently. Since you have hay on the barn you are oblige to make another storage room for hays as well that is helping to preserve it.

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