Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach


Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach


Our children look forward to learning new things and sharing what they have learned.

Our children are happy, confident, and socially adept, and highly motivated to study.

Our family works as a team, not only on schooling but on every aspect of family life.

We have time to work, play, and learn together and to enjoy each others company.

Since learning is fun and an integral part of everyday life, there is no “school year.” We are learning year round.

Announcing… Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach


Here are just a few of the benefits you will realize as soon as you begin using this amazingly simple, fresh new method to educating your children:

– Less stress
– More willing to learn
– Better retention
– Self reliance
– Easy to get in the “mandatory” 180 days of schooling required by our state
– More satisfying family life
– Happier kids and parents

In Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach, you’ll discover:

  • Why DTUs kindle excitement and enthusiasm for learning
  • Harness the power of curiosity that every child is born with!
  • 11 ways DTUs can dramatically increase your effectiveness as a parent/teacher
  • Realize the success you always knew was possible in your program.
  • How to use DTUs to forge family strength
  • Your family will work as a team, with everyone willing to contribute to the family effort.
  • Why this method will improve social skills
  • Even the shyest child finds incentives to become comfortable interacting with adults and children of all ages.
  • How you can ensure that your child masters the basic 3 R’s
  • Forget expensive, time-consuming curricula! The easy-to-learn secrets are all here.
  • The practical information you need to turn your children into proficient problem solvers
  • Uncover their untapped creativity and hidden strengths.
  • Step-by-step how-to’s for creating your own DTUs
  • Everything you need to know, from planning to execution to follow-up, clearly explained.
  • A sample DTU to help put it all together
  • You can use it as an example, or use it as your first lesson if you wish.
  • Ways to integrate your DTU studies into your family life
  • Strategies that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and work like magic. They won’t even know they are “studying!”
  • Ideas and resources for developing lessons on any topic under the sun
  • Teach to their interests, then encourage them to explore new topics and ideas.
  • How to easily accommodate different ages, learning styles, interests and temperaments
  • Dynamic Theme Units are the most flexible, versatile method of teaching ever!

In Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach you will discover a wealth of information, from why it works to simple techniques to grab and retain your child’s willing participation. Because this method is highly personalized and targets your child’s interests, learning is accelerated.

No time-consuming daily plans or preparations necessary

Does it take a lot of time to plan and prepare? Absolutely not! Each lesson takes from two to four hours of planning. While you may choose to make some lessons special preparations, they are not necessary to their success. You will make each lesson your own, and be as simple or elaborate as you wish to be. Also, a significant amount of the activities will be initiated and executed by the children themselves.

No expensive or difficult-to-find equipment or supplies needed

Again, you are in complete control of what supplies and resources you use, what types of activities to pursue, and how much money you choose to invest in any lesson. With the public library, community services, and the internet available to most families, This program can be successfully and adequately covered on a shoestring. And, unlike one curriculum, there is no need to find exotic things like a cow’s eyeball to study (unless you want to!). You can use what is at hand and what you choose to procure.

No previous experience or expertise necessary

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to plan your own curriculum. What if I don’t know enough? How do I know if I am doing an adequate job? What about things I don’t know how to teach? What if my child isn’t motivated, or is having a hard time with something like reading or math?

Relax! Even if you’re a beginner, you can be homeschooling like an expert in no time. By following the easy suggestions and adapting them to your own family, you can be functioning like a veteran homeschooler in a matter of weeks. You will soon be able to create a personalized homeschool program that will fascinate and challenge your child, grow with current events and technological innovations, enhance your family life, and prepare your child for the world of the future.

Encouraging the sparks of curiosity, independence, helpfulness, confidence and drive for accomplishment that she was born with may be the best investment you could ever make. You will not only substantially increase her ability to succeed as an adult; you will also forge strong bonds of trust and revitalize your family relationships.

So why not act now? You COULD spend the next few years trying to pressure your child to complete workbook pages and fighting his natural resistance to being force-fed pieces of information, OR you could be watching him eagerly pursue knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others in increasingly sophisticated ways!

So, never struggle again with boring lessons that your kids hate to do and that you hate to correct!

The “Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach” consists of weekly content delivered to you via e-mail for a specified period of time (90 days).

Weekly installments – along with additional bonus reports…

The weekly installment method is one of the most unique and powerful systems ever put together for helping homeschoolers, and the program itself is thorough, well presented and highly valuable.

With this program, anyone can use the DTU Approach. Whether you are new to homeschooling and looking for a step-by-step system to use for getting started, or an advanced and experienced homeschooler looking for a fresh method – this program is for you.

Each weekly installment is focused on one or two key elements, activities, actions or topics to help you easily and productively establish and manage your new DTU program.

These lessons are simple 3-5 page .PDF reports delivered weekly, directly to you. Each lesson is aimed at helping you to quickly establish a productive system and put into place easy-to-use tools to help you manage, organize, and enjoy your homeschooling experience.

Additionally, you’ll periodically receive:

  • Recommendations to programs and resources that will help your child and you.
  • Checklists to help you stay organized and on-track.
  • Tips, tricks, tools, strategies and tactics to help you and your child.

It’s that simple… which is one reason this program is so effective.

Each weekly lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable.

Your first lesson is coming to you immediately upon completing your order. Included in your first lesson…

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Homeschooling Guide: Dynamic Theme Units Homeschool Approach