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Congratulations! You’ve discovered the newest resource for doubling or even tripling your rental income from investment property. Through this proven system you will learn how to convert your primary home, vacation home or rental property into vacation rentals, which will increase your cash flow and eliminate eviction headaches. Check out these exciting benefits.

With the “Home Vacation Rental Blueprint – Real Estate Investment” online training course you get:

DONE-FOR-YOU marketing
8 PROVEN turnkey systems

Here are the 8 trademarked systems that make up my “Vacation Rental Blueprint” online training course:

Property Selection System – How to choose the perfect location for your vacation rental
Nightly Rate Pricing System – Learn the secret method for generating bookings and revenue right away. Follow this powerful system to get your business off to a fast start, build your reputation as a Super Host and increase your income exponentially.
Experience Creation System – Learn which amenities to add that will wow your guests and get you great reviews.

Once the house/room/space is ready, then we’ll set up your website using the

Whole House Set-Up System– How to furnish and decorate your vacation rental to make it more visually appealing. Don’t worry if you’re not a great photographer. You’ll learn how to stage the rooms and get professional photography done for free.
Done For You Marketing System – The set-it-and-forget-it turnkey system for bringing in a consistent flow of high-quality guests.

These 5 steps are basically the prep work. Once they are in place, all you have to manage are the daily ins and outs, which some, none or ALL can be delegated to a management company or property caretaker. It’s up to you how involved you want to be.

In this online training course, you’ll have the tools to be completely hands off. Complete automation comes from these systems:

Mobile Calendar Management System – That lets you track your guests’ comings and goings from a laptop or a cellphone.
The Host Free Greeting System combined with,
The Mobile Business Management System – create a powerful one-two punch that allows you to run your business from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Once you’ve got your property and website setup, and your systems in place, your business will run itself.

When you use these systems you will:

Eliminate tenants and eviction headaches
Eliminate paperwork
Eliminate background checks
Eliminate credit checking
Reduce the wear and tear on your property

Amazing Resources and Benefits

Every step in the process is broken down for you in easy step-by-step systems. You get, screenshots, detailed instructions, formulas, videos, templates and more so you can be successful right out of the gate.

In this course you will eliminate the learning curve and go straight to profits. You will understand:

How to Pick the Right Property
How Seasonal Fluctuations Effect Price
Tips and Tricks for Attracting Guests
3 Easy Steps to Running Your Business Using the Internet and a cellphone
How Your Property is Automatically Protected WITH A $1,000,000 HOST GUARANTEE
The 6 Biggest Mistakes Vacation Rental Owners Make and How to Avoid Them
How to Get Great Reviews and Build a Rock Solid Reputation

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Home Vacation Rental Blueprint – Real Estate Investment