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Home Recording Tips


Thousands Of Songwriters And Musicians Have Used The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method To Learn How To Make Attention-Grabbing Records At Home – Easier, Faster and Cheaper Than They Ever Dreamed Possible.

Make Great Sounding Records And Take Your Songs To The Next Level

The #1 Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method has been created by major label artist, Owen Critchley to give songwriters – at any stage – a simple to follow, step by step method to learn everything they need to know to be able to make their own pro-quality recordings of their songs, simpler, faster and cheaper than they ever thought possible – right at home.

It is like having your own producer showing you – using your own computer and almost no extra equipment – how to make jaw-dropping, attention-grabbing records.

How Will The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method Help You?

Make Better Records, Simply

Learn quickly how to get studio quality sound with an incredibly simple setup:

1 mic
2 cables and almost no extra equipment.

By following this method, you’ll know that you’ll soon be able to make your songs sound they way they deserve to sound, because you’ll be following the exact method that major label producer/rec. artist Owen Critchley uses every day to record songs for film, tv and worldwide release. This is exactly why The Blueprint is being called “the simple, perfect, method.”

Learn to make all your sounds, instruments and vocals work well together

Find out what really makes various sounds, instruments, backing tracks and vocals work well together.

No more puzzling over what you are hearing and making random, “hope for the best” adjustments that lead to a muddy mix.

It shows you the exact adjustments to make to give your recorded sounds, instruments and vocals the space each of them needs to be heard. You will gain the ability to confidently create huge, clear, pro-quality mixes.

Simplicity = Speed = More Songs = More Opportunities

Whether it’s getting mile-high sound for vocals and acoustic instruments using just a single mic, or creating tight, beefy grooves, or lush, wide backing tracks, this has totally demystified and simplified each step to making a great sounding record.

It designed its simplified recording techniques to create a domino effect through your home recording sessions so that 4 important things would happen for you:

The time between beginning a new recording and completing its mix is drastically reduced. In other words, the entire process becomes much faster.

When you achieve your goals faster, recording becomes enjoyable and creative like it’s supposed to be.

When making a record is faster and more enjoyable, you record more songs.

When you record more songs, you open the door to many more opportunities and get heard by many more people.

Make your recordings stand out from the crowd.

Unique And Powerful Production Tricks To Give Your Songs The “It” Factor

Powerful production tricks that are unique. These simple production tricks, right from Owen’s playbook, are what make songs truly memorable and create an emotional connection with listeners that lasts. These are the techniques that producers use to transform a recording that someone simply hears into something they listen to – again and again.

Owen adds new producer’s tips and tricks all the time and you’ll have free lifetime access to all these updates and additions.

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Home Recording Tips