Ho Scale And Oo Gauge Model Trains & Railroads Ebook


Ho-scale-layouts-headerHo Scale And Oo Gauge Model Trains & Railroads Ebook


Here’s How To Quickly And Easily Get Started With Your Dreamed-About OO or HO Scale Model Train Layout!

Visit any model train show and you’ll see why HO scale layouts and model trains are the most popular worldwide. Although not called HO scale in the UK, OO gauge (UK’s most popular) is very close to the same size (HO scale is 1:87 compared to OO gauge at 1:76). It’s popular because the scale is just such a practical size!

Well, imagine if you could create a uniquely superb layout just like those displays that get admired so much at those train shows. Fact is; with the right help, you can!

All The Information You Need To Get Started… Within Your Budget, Within Your Timeframe… And Within The Area You Have Available!”

YES, you can create a “remarkably realistic”, reliably operating model railroad that will impress others in the hobby. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Better still, you can eliminate any confusion that can happen when constructing your dream layout… one that will comfortably suit the space you have available.

With the right help you can definitely master many of the clever techniques used by experienced railroaders to save you time, save you money and save you hours of frustration trying to solve problems.

Introducing… Ho Scale And Oo Gauge Model Trains & Railroads Ebook


You can access the right information, explained in an easy-to-understand way, so you can make the correct decisions with planning, building, and completing your plan from start to finish. Step-by-step solutions are laid out for you to tap into whenever you need help.

And, you can have at your fingertips, the answers to dozens and dozens of commonly asked questions that confound beginners (and even some experienced railroaders).

Plus, you’ll get to keep 18 well thought out practical “space-saving” track plans to inspire you with lots of ideas to get started and/or expand you layout. Each plan comes with basic scenery ideas (but you can add your own personal touch), and a full parts list.

When you have all this within your grasp, it’ll be no time before you’ll be sitting back, nicely relaxed, in charge of your very own model railroad!

This ebook shows you step-by-step how to plan and create your very own as good as (if not better than), the ones you’ve admired at those exhibitions and shows.

It is a truly useful resource and a clear-cut “must have” for model railroading beginners… and will even assist intermediate railroaders regardless of the scale modeled. The information is sensibly laid-out for you in a way that is plain and simple to understand, easy to use… and get started with right away.

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Ho Scale And Oo Gauge Model Trains & Railroads Ebook