Highly Recommended IPad Tutorial for Beginners


Highly Recommended IPad Tutorial for Beginners


It’s very difficult to find good tutorials for the IPad online. It’s difficult to know which ones are suitable for your level of skill, which ones are trustworthy and won’t result in a broken device, and which ones will offer the type of information you really need. After spending hours on the manufacturer website and several other websites that were either too simplistic or far too advanced for me, I found on this site.

The site‘s incredible series of tutorials are easily one of the best resources I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. I am absolutely excited to recommend these videos! As someone who has some entry level ability on the IPad, I was looking for the right resources to help me learn how to get the most from my IPad.

Best training videos I’ve ever found! WOW – tons of information available. I learned how to modify sound settings, set up my email, use the camera, and calibrate the device, change brightness levels, and a whole lot more. I feel much more confident about my ability to use the IPad as it is truly intended now.

The great thing about Tablet Training’s series of videos is that they are separate for each skill set. This means if I want to zoom ahead to an advanced technique, it’s quick and simple to do so. If I want a refresher on how to take care of something simpler, I can simply choose one of the videos from the first portion of the training videos. It’s extremely easy to target the exact information you need then and there, without having to wade through endless information and wasting more time than your task is worth.

These resources are offered as videos, so you don’t need to worry about watching once and losing access. How great is it that you can rewind, stop, pause, and play each video as many times as you want! There is not a single thing I would change about the design of the videos themselves – I really admire their idea to place the IPad in the same position as a user would have it. It’s easily one of the most intelligent strategies for learning that I’ve found online.

The videos are fun, as well, and not at all dry and boring like tutorials can be. I had a great time cruising through each one, figuring out what all of those extra options did. It’s only been a little under 24 hours since I purchased the videos, and already I’m opening up the world of options available on my tablet. I’m completing tasks so much quicker now that I know the fastest and best way to get to the options I need, and I’m having more fun in between tasks, too.