Hidradenitis Suppurativa Miracle


Hidradenitis Suppurativa Miracle


Hidradenitis Suppurativa Miracle Cover

Here is just a glimpse of the secrets revealed in this guide:

Secret #1: What doctors don’t tell you…the 5 hidden causes of HS (p.9)
Secret #2: The secret natural substance…identified over 23 years ago…proven to heal wounds faster and even prevent HS from ever showing up (p.21)
Secret #3: The one drug you must absolutely avoid to keep HS out of your life (p.9)
Secret #4: Your anti-HS shopping list. Everyday food to fight HS…and it just costs pennies! (p.40)
Secret #5: The most dangerous myth…based on pseudo-science…that keeps people from discovering the cure for HS (p.11)
Secret #6: Which vitamins help in curing HS (p.44)
Secret #7: How water can melt your pain away (p.41)
Secret #8: One simple step to kick your immune system into high gear…forcing HS out of your body (p.18)
Secret #9: Simple life style changes – everyone can apply – Holly made that forced HS to go away…despite having humiliated her for 11 years (p.16)
Secret #10: Avoid costly misdiagnosis – discover tell-tale signs you suffer from HS…and not from similar looking but completely different illnesses (p.6)
Secret #11: Forbidden sins – behaviors you must control to heal HS…and when you can let yourself go without any consequences (p.38)
Secret #12: Which minerals help in curing HS (p.46)
Secret #13: Dress this way and you will attract HS like a big tree attract a woodman’s axe (p.9)
Secret #14: The cleaning agent that clears HS (p.46)
Secret #15: Background information about HS your doctor doesn’t tell you (p.7)
Secret #16: Short-cut tricks to eliminate HS even faster (p.41-43)
Secret #17: The surprising connection between HS and mental disorders (p.9)
Secret #18: Bumps and sores under your armpits, breast and buttocks…does that automatically mean HS? (p.8)
Secret #19: Why you shouldn’t eat dates when suffering from HS (p.15)
Secret #20: Surprise revelations about HS symptoms (p.8)
Secret #21: The coating material which protects iron and steel…and also your skin from HS (p.46)
Secret #22: What nuclear meltdown victims can teach you about surviving HS (p.47)
And much, much more!

Just imagine what it would be like to never have to lance another abscess in your life…to never extract another blackhead…and…most importantly…to no longer feel ashamed of your own body.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Miracle