Hemorrhoid Treatments – Why Water, Fruit & Fiber Can’t Cure Piles


Hemorrhoid Treatments – Why Water, Fruit & Fiber Can’t Cure Piles

by Janet Pfeiffer
Best-Selling Author of Hemorrhoids Saviour


Looking for a natural cure for hemorrhoids? Diet and nutrition can help, but the treatment of this disorder requires a holistic approach. Increasing water, fruit and fiber intake is a good start – but if you do it the wrong way, you could be making your hemorrhoids much worse.

Take a look at any article offering the top 10 tips for natural treatments for this ailment, and among them you will usually be told to drink more water, eat more fruit, and increase your fiber intake.

If only it was that simple and easy. From my 20 years working with sufferers of this disease, I know three things:

1. Water is wonderful – it lubricates the body and helps things move along more easily. The incidence and severity of this ailment is reduced when factors contributing to constipation are reduced.

But, when and how you drink water could be making your disease worse. Drinking water with food dilutes the gastric juices which are essential for proper digestion. It’s better to drink water half an hour before meals, or one hour after.

Poor digestion affects many areas of the body – and often contributes to this ailment. When food is not properly digested, you body can fail to absorb its nutrients, and disturb the chemical balance within the intestines.

2. Fruit is fabulous – full of vitamins, minerals and so many other goodies. But which fruits and when? And why do so many sufferers of this disease claim that fruit doesn’t make any difference, or that it gives them stomach pain, gas and bloating?

The common habit of eating fruits as a dessert after a meal, is a disaster for this ailment. Yet this advice is commonly suggested to sufferers of this disease. Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach. They digest quickly – faster than any other food group. Whereas proteins and fats needs about 6 hours, fruits require only one hour, or even less. Consequently, if consumed on top of a meal, the fruit has nowhere to go. It just sits there and ferments, while it waits for the meal ahead of it to digest. No wonder many people complain of gas and tummy aches.

If you eat fruits according to this recommendation, you will have a much better functioning digestive system which will, in turn, help you cure this disease.

However, one of the most commonly recommended fruits for the treatments of this ailment is also one of the least likely to be an effective remedy for the disorder. I often read that bananas help cure piles, yet bananas are one of the driest, least water-rich fruits, and take longer to digest than most other fruits.

If you have diabetes, high blood sugar, or you are trying to lose or maintain weight, too much sugar-rich fruit may not be your friend. There are several vegetables which can be much more effective than fruits in the fight against this ailment.

3. Fiber is fantastic – We all know its benefits for reducing cholesterol and maintaining colon health. Again, it assists in the prevention of constipation, which can help reduce hemorrhoids. But what if you are not constipated? Fact is, constipation is not a factor in all cases of hemorrhoids.

The natural treatment of this ailment requires a more holistic approach – diet and nutrition are a part, but to cure the disorder you also needs to address the entire digestive system, as well as take measures to strengthen the venous system of your body. All these can be achieved without drugs, side effects or surgery.

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