Help Your Teen Text Addict: Text Addiction Symptoms and Solutions




Help Your Teen Text Addict: Text Addiction Symptoms and Solutions


Introducing… “Help Your Teen Text Addict”

The Only Program In The World That Will Show You How To Help YOUR Teenager Quickly And Easily Stop Texting And Start Living!

It is an instantly downloadable digital book presenting a simple, effective, sure-fire, 100% guaranteed system for permanently reducing/eliminating your teen’s text habit.

The book gets right to the point, immediately after reading it you will be ready to help your son or daughter stop texting. This powerful program is the #1 selling text-addiction relief method on the Internet for a reason!

It also includes 90 days of email support from me personally, plus 2 more additional bonuses worth at least $285.

– A Proven Plan for Eliminating Compulsive Texting Behavior in Your Children.
– This Method Has Been Used By Thousands of Parents to Help Their Kids.
– Explains How to Fix Your Teen’s Texting Problem No Matter How Bad It Is
– Developed and Perfected Over a Period of 2 Years
– Improve Your Teen’s Ability to Interact With Other People in Real Life
– Includes Examples of Successful Parents Who Broke Their Teen’s Texting Habit
– Explained in a Concise, Simple, Easy-to-Follow Format
– Never Worry About Texting or Sexting – Ever Again!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Will Discover When You Download Your Copy Of This eBook Today:

– The most effective weapon against text addiction ever revealed – this secret technique lets the addict step outside of themselves and see just how bad the problem really is
– How to recognize the signs and symptoms
– The one thing you must say to your child to prevent them from texting while they drive
– “Instant Gratification” and why understanding it is so important to understanding it
– How to tell if a predator is targeting your child
– What most parents do when texting gets out of hand – and why this guarantees they will fail!
– “Binge texting” – what it is – and what it reveals about your teen’s state of mind
– The “stages” of addiction – how far along your child is will determine what you need to do!
– How to help your son or daughter face the peer pressure from friends who use their phones all the time
– The other “danger signs” teens exhibit that often go along with it
– The one question you must ask your teen about their phone – miss this and you have no chance to help them
– A complete list of “sexting” acronyms so you’ll be able to tell if your child is engaging in this dangerous behavior
– The best time to talk to your teen about texting – if your timing is off, you chances decrease at least 50%
– The crucial link between compulsive texting, lack of sleep, and stress – and what you can do to control these factors
– Why you’ll never get the real truth about texting from any doctor or counselor
– REVEALED! The “path” to text addiction – how most teens get started, and how you can stop it before it starts!
– The real reason many people get addicted – you’ll be shocked as the emotional foundations are explained
– How texting behavior can reveal other problems your child may have
– How many addicts try to hide how often they text – and how to spot the warning signs no matter how sneaky they are
– Why trying to stage an “intervention” like you may have seen on TV is the worst idea possible
– The “5-minute miracle” and how it can be the first step on the road to recovery
– Why your teens diet may be contributing to the problem
– The “withdrawal symptoms” and how to make it easier for your teen to stop texting
– Why your child may be in denial about their text problem – and how to get past it
– The Vicious Circle – why simply taking away your child’s phone or using limited plans doesn’t work

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Help Your Teen Text Addict: Text Addiction Symptoms and Solutions