Healthy Living Qigong Videos


Healthy Living Qigong Videos


Qigong (Life Energy Cultivation) is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

What does the media show about it?

Go onto Youtube and search for it. There are many legitimate practitioners, some great lessons to be learned and followed, and even some decent background information as well.

Sadly, what really stands out are the ones that claim to have special qi powers and abilities. The claims range from being able to heal someone from thousands of miles away, to an absurd ability to throw people around without touching them.

One awful example that stands out is of an older gentleman who claims to have the incredible power to be able to throw, knock down, and push back his students, all with his CHI POWER!! They fall, roll over, spin at incredible speeds, and even get airborne. It is quite the sight. He foolishly believed in his own ability and put out a challenge. Well, an experienced fighter took the challenge, and the match was brief and painful. Without ruining it for you, let’s just say he gets handed his ass very quickly and is so surprised by the ordeal that he tries again, only to get smoked quicker and harder the second time around.

There is a new buzzword out there in the health and wellness industry – natural movement. You hear about it on the internet, in the studios, and even in the world of mixed martial arts. The recently crowned champion Connor McGregor is a huge proponent of natural body movement and uses it very effectively in his fighting style.


Introducing… Healthy Living Qigong Videos

This new concept is anything but new. However, there is no denying that a renewed interest is underway. So what is natural movement and where did it come from. Well, it has been around for a very long time, it is the ability and practice of moving, stretching, strengthening, and conditioning the body using, well, natural movement. 🙂 As opposed to standard type gyms or studios with mechanical equipment, practitioners usually perform outdoors, with little to no equipment, using nature as the gym. It is a wonderful way to not only get in shape but also get to know your body.

The beauty of this type of training is getting back in touch with your body, in a holistic manner. Sounds very much like Qigong, don’t you think. The additional benefits to taking up the practice is the spiritual side of this art. Just think, physical benefits, stretching, conditioning, and spiritual growth. We’re glad this renewed interest is happening, maybe this 3000 year old natural art will catch on too.

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Healthy Living Qigong Videos