Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes


Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes


Dog-food companies spend billions in advertising and control vet schools via sponsoring. They will do everything to make sure you don’t realize homemade-dog-food is infinitely better for your animal!!!

Give him the best-food he deserves!

John Miller shares with you 50 years of MAJOR experiences, never told methods and INSTANTLY VALUABLE recipes that brought him, case after case, a Complete Triumph!

Discover how to unlock his full potential. Know how to simply skyrocket him up to new mind-blowing levels of beauty, health and admiration…

…No matter what kind of results your getting (or not getting) up to now with ordinary dog-food…
…No matter if he is big or small, young or old.

John gives you never-revealed-before-recipes that give him NO OTHER CHOICE but to explode in vitality and beauty… and avoid veterinarian big expenses!

Without these frighteningly-on-target but simple-recipes his health is almost on hold and decreases with time. All experts agree, you will always get minimal results with minimal products.


Rapidly, when you start using John Miller amazing-recipes, health and behavior show signs of improvements. Just after 7 short days, they become obvious… Here’s why:

The good-food wakes up his senses like never before. He sees better, he ears better, he smells better.

Best of all, you get irrefutable evidences just by watching his behaviors: he listens to you better, he works better, he sleeps better, he plays better and also he protects you better… he FEELS GREAT again.

Friends and family members will beg you for your secrets!

You cannot imagine what will happen after 30, 120 or 180 days of these essential treatments. The good news is that ALL-dogs will benefit exponentially from John Miller TESTED homemade-recipes.

Is he the NEXT champion or the next VICTIM?

50 years ago, John Miller wanted to improve his dogs-growth. After analyzing commercial dog-food formulas, he found they were (and still are) ALL loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

John developed better-recipes himself and tried them on his own-dogs… using healthier ingredients…

He couldn’t believe how fast their health and behavior improved. And most important, he also he reduced his expenses by 50%.

Happy with his discoveries he tried, over the years, hundreds of new-recipes in order to see their effects on dog-health and growth.

From these experiences, he created dozens of amazing-recipes that make them grow faster and stronger… without using harmful commercial products with mineral deficiencies which is the basic reason behind lots of health serious problems.

Because John’s-recipes were so easy to do and so effective, multinational companies offered him tons of money for his-recipes but they clearly asked for his silence!

Good for us, John is a man of principles and he always turned down money (no matter the amount) from these companies for his SILENCE!

In fact, John wants you to know how to have a healthier-dog, without spending a fortune on low quality products, or even poisoning it.

After years of new improvements, he reveals –FOR YOUR OWN USE– the best-recipes to transform your-dog into the healthiest-dog of your dreams.

You’re Shooting Yourself In The Foot If You Don’t Take The Importance Of Feeding Your-Dogs Seriously!

You will find simply the best 245 John Miller-Recipes in a multimedia ebook titled: “Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes”

Not only will Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes guarantee you to improve his health, but if:

  1. You are a professional dog-fancier: More successful you’ll make your business. And, just as important, the more successful you’ll be. You’ll have a major, systematic career edge.
  2. You are an individual that love his-dog: You can now rely on fast amazing dog-food-recipes that will cost you near to nothing.

Download the best 245 Secret Homemade-Recipes Developed and Tested by John Miller… Today, because… Like John, You’ll Get Visible Results Within 3 Days!

Your friends will beg you for your-recipes

In order to get all the-recipes found in this work “Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes” you would probably have to do as John Miller did. Read dozens of books, meet the best dog-fanciers, talk with experts for hours.

And most of all, you would have had to create-recipes, analyze their results and draw conclusions.

Now, the best-recipes and techniques… can be found in this condensed, practical, complete and immediately exploitable work.

Don’t even think about asking a high priced vet or dog-fanciers for healthier dog-food. By the time you get finished with this ebook, you’ll know more than most of the so called “pros”.

That’s not all! You will discover inside the Healthy Dog Food: Homemade Recipes which of the products you already have in your kitchen and bathroom that work to:

  • Make your own-dog shampoo
  • Eliminate dogs-bad breath
  • Make dog-safe Insecticides
  • Make dog-safe Fertilizers
  • Skunk Odor Remover recipe

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