Healing Painful Memories for Women – How to Move Forward in Life


Healing Painful Memories for Women – How to Move Forward in Life


The Sacred Feminine Rising Audio Course: Healing the Effects of Unawakened Men

A Course For Women

This simple and easy-to-follow 6 week downloadable audio course will show you how to transform wounds and move forward in your life. With an additional 64 page e-book of written exercises and meditations created by Soulshaping and Apologies to the Divine Feminine author Jeff Brown.

In this E-course You Will Discover How to….

Heal Wounds

This course will support the healing and transformation of the wounds, traumas and negative self-beliefs inflicted by the shadow of the masculine.

Transform & Release

You will identify unresolved experiences and relationships, as Jeff guides you to move through five stages of healing and resolution on the path to empowerment and self-love.

Tools & Meditations

You will get tools, exercises, stories and meditations as support. Jeff’s heartfelt and insightful talks create a safe-space for your healing journey. The listener feels authentically seen and invited in the direction of their own healing and liberation.


This course is an invitation.

An invitation to heal. An invitation to release. An invitation to express. An invitation to resolve. An invitation to self-forgive. An invitation to re-open your heart. An invitation to prioritize your own healing. An invitation to empowerment. An invitation to wholeness.

An invitation to be free of the effects of unhealed memories and relationships with unawakened men.

This course is not intended as a bashing of the unawakened man, for we are surely all unawakened in different respects. It is also not intended to suggest that all men are unawakened, or that all women are awakened. BUT it is a grounded recognition of the fact that centuries of warrior conditioning have made it difficult for many men to get below their emotional armor and move from their hearts in their relationships with women. Often without even realizing it, the unconscious masculine leaves an echo of pain, confusion and trauma that lingers with women, impacting on their internal freedom and life satisfaction. This healing course disregards the ‘spiritually correct’ language of ‘non-victimhood’ and ‘all pain is an illusion’, and recognizes that we must claim and heal our wounds before we can move beyond them. Where there is pain and confusion, healing is required. It is that simple and it is that essential. The only way to it is through it. Better we create an environment that invites a deeper excavation of any unresolved emotional material. Better we heal and clear the wounds than accumulate them. Let our quest for healing begin with emotional authenticity.

This course can be helpful for any woman who feels the weight of the wounds and the negative messaging from her experiences with unawakened men, and seeks acknowledgment and support in her efforts to work them through to resolution and freedom. No one should have to carry another person’s baggage.

Gender may be the greatest unresolved battlefield on mother earth, and if we keep standing on the opposite side of the field, the beautiful world we are here to co-create will be lost to us. We must ultimately learn to shed our armor and meet in the middle, recognizing our shared humanness and holding each others hearts safe. To reach that stage, we must begin with the healing of what has happened. There is no way around it. Among other things, that healing will require that awakening men share their understanding of the unawakened man with those who have suffered at his hands.

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Healing Painful Memories for Women – How to Move Forward in Life